Monday, 21 May 2012


Here is my salt journey!

I gave up eating salt in all forms around 1997 or so!  Why?  One day I went out to eat and had a salad and soon after I had a raging headache.  I would get a headache only if my pressure was up because I ate too much salt, so I checked and I suspected that I was having a salt headache!  That incident caused me to lay down for three days with pain!  When I got up, I gave up eating salt!

What I mean is that I did not go out to eat anywhere and I prepared all my food.  I do not use any processed or pre packaged foods.  I use herbs and spices to season with and I have my own salt free seasoning!

Now, I agree with the article because it is true according to my direct experience.  I can feel the difference between the table salt and the sea salt!  It does cause bags under the eyes, baggy eyes has been one of my peeves!

I can tolerate only a minuscule amount of the good sea salt!  I have pink Himalayan sea salt a friend brought me from California.  When I use it, I would use a tiny piece of it in only one dish and not all the time. Salt is a valuable mineral, however it is a micro nutrient!

All people are not the same, we all have different tolerances.  I can only tolerate a very tiny amount, this is why I prepare all my meals and do not eat processed foods!  As. the article says, do observe your body.  Ultimately, you are the one that knows how you feel!  Trust yourself!

The more pure live nutritious foods you eat, the more your body learns to want them!  You will be able to trust your body's wisdom!  It is made to guide you!  Learn to eat better so than you have better guidance.

Also, salt should be added at the end of cooking to preserve the nutrients!  Add while food is still hot!

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