How I Eat

I live in Belize and access to ingredients, equipment and fancy things are not readily available and would be very expensive. My raw eating is quite simple. Eat fresh fruits or a smoothie for breakfast, eat different delicious raw salads along with a steamed or healthy sautĂ© veg for dinner (lunch) and I do not usually eat in the evening. If I have something it will be a smoothie and rarely after 6pm. I keep my raw to 75% intake.

I started my healthy vegetarian eating in 1970, I had recently come from Belize in 1968 and after two years of eating Twinkie s, t.v. dinners and all the junk food available,  I found that I did not feel so good.

It was 1970 and "Health Food" was just coming into being.  I immediately joined that revolution.  I went to the farmer's market that was and still is on 14th Street in Manhattan.  I went to health food stores and bought books on vegetarian lifestyle.  

I found out that I was lactose intolerant and gluten intolerant.  I gave up eating cheese, I never did like milk.  I slowly over a period of years stop eating whole wheat.  I gave up eating salt and sugar.

What I find is that I need to eat foods that are in their natural state, I do not eat processed foods.  I cannot tolerate foods that cause mucus.  Many years ago I read a book called "The Mucusless Diet" by Dr. Arnold Ehret.  After many years of personal experience, I  know that he is correct about keeping mucus out of the body systems.

I feel more energetic when I have no inflammation in the body.  That mucus / inflammation is the cause of all our diseases.  Eating fresh fruits and vegetables cleans the body and provides it with the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and any other micro-nutrients it needs.

I prefer a diet of 75% raw fruits and vegetables and 25% cooked in a healthy way, with raw nuts, seeds and whole grains.  

The whole grains that I can eat are Quinoa, Buckwheat and brown rice.  

I do not eat out, no one else prepares my food, there are so many things that I do not eat that other people think is normal to eat.  

If you would like to transition to vegetarian or vegan healthy eating, I can share some helpful tips.  

  • Swap a raw food in each meal for a cooked one, so at breakfast eat a fruit salad or drink a smoothie.  Lunch time: eat a raw vegetable salad, steam veggies with little dressing.
  • Now, I do not normally eat after six in the evening.  If you need to eat in the evening, eat fruit, drink another smoothie or have some steam veg or salad.
  • Another thing, if you are just starting out do this once or twice a week until you get use to it, then slowly add more days of eating like this.
  • Remember to drink enough water daily and get some exercise!
Once you develop this new pattern, your body is going to yearn for the better foods!  Give it a try and remember you need to give yourself time to get use to the new things you are trying!  Be kind and patient with yourself.  

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