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1 in 10 U.S. Deaths Blamed on Salt

This is MY SALT Experience!

Yours may be different and as always....I say go within yourself..for guidance.  God has given Intuition within you so you may discern what is correct for you.  Your body knows...especially if you teach yourself to eat properly... fresh fruits and vegetables, some whole grains, nuts and seeds...preferably grown without pesticides.

I spent many years being salt free...meaning that I did not use it in any form. I currently use a tiny pinch of sea salt or Himalayan Pink salt from time to time on my already cooked food.  I never use it on raw food.  I cook/prepare my own meals.  I do not use salt in cooking, I use natural herbs and spices. I rarely use processed foods, they are very high in sodium and sugar. (I do not use sugar or sugar substitutes, I do not eat bread and cheese)  Staying away from salt allowed me to see how it behaves when it is ingested.  Eating too much salt raises the blood pressure, swells you up.  Some symptoms of too much salt in the body are raised blood pressure causing headaches, swollen feet, face or other body parts, dry lips and thirstiness.  Salt is a mineral that should be used in micro pinches.  Salt should not be cooked, it compounds its saltiness.

The Salt Institute does not have your well being in mind...they want to sell salt.  Let your Inner Guidance be your guide.  It is time to believe that the Creator has given you natural skills to discern truth.  It is time to rely upon your Intuition.  If you do not know how to listen....sit still....use your become quiet and meditate...listen to yourself the one that is inside of you., the one you cannot see.  Learn to believe in you!  Advertisers do not have your best interest in their minds, they have their money in their minds.  Anyway.. enjoy the article below and discern what will be true for you.  God guides you.! And remember do not believe me...Believe the God that is within YOU!   ~Angela Carmen  

Below is an news feature about Salt from ABC News.

Mar 21, 2013 4:24pm

On the heels of a study linking sugary drinks to 25,000 U.S. deaths a year, new research suggests salty food is even more dangerous.   The new study, by the same Harvard research team, linked excessive salt consumption to nearly 2.3 million cardiovascular deaths worldwide in 2010. One in 10 Americans dies from eating too much salt, the researchers found.  “The burden of sodium is much higher than the burden of sugar-sweetened beverages,” said Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, an epidemiologist at the Harvard School of Public Health and author of both the salt and sugary drink studies. “That’s because sugar-sweetened beverages are just one type of food that people can avoid, whereas sodium is in everything.”

Mozaffarian and colleagues used data from 247 surveys on sodium intake and 107 clinical trials that measured how salt affects blood pressure, and how blood pressure contributes to cardiovascular disease like heart attacks and stroke.  “From that we could determine the health effects of sodium,” he said, adding that one out of three deaths due to excessive sodium occurred before age 70. “It’s really affecting younger adults, not just the elderly.”

The study, presented today at the American Heart Association’s annual meeting in New Orleans, adds to mounting evidence that packaged and processed foods containing high levels of salt for flavor and shelf life can take a heavy toll on cardiovascular health.  “It’s really amazing how pervasive it is,” Mozaffarian said of salt. “For the average person, it’s very hard to avoid salt – you have to be incredibly motivated, incredibly educated, have access to a range of foods and do all the cooking yourself.”

But not everything is easy to whip up at home, Mozaffarian added. Bread and cheese are the top two sources of sodium in the U.S.  “It’s everywhere,” he said.  For the study, the researchers set the ideal level of salt consumption at 1,000 milligrams per day – less than half of the upper limit recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and less than a third of the average American intake.

The Salt Institute took issue with the unrealistic threshold.  “This misleading study did not measure any actual cardiovascular deaths related to salt intake, since, by the authors’ own admission, no country anywhere in the world consumes the low levels of salt they recommend,” Morton Satin, vice president of science and research for the Virginia-based institute said in a statement.

Satin also stressed that Mozaffarian’s research is yet to be published in a peer-reviewed journal, and said it “reveals an agenda far more rooted in sensationalist politics than in science.”

“The Salt Institute does not consider this misleading modeling exercise helpful in furthering our knowledge of the role of salt on our health,” Satin said. “On the contrary, it is disingenuous and disrespectful of consumers.”  Mozaffarian said he plans to submit the study for publication later this year, and stressed that politics has nothing to do with it.  “We have no vested interest in what the research shows,” he said. “This is not sensational. The point is to objectively look at the impact of salt using the best possible science, and that’s what we have done.”

Mozaffarian said he hopes the study will impel policy makers to set sodium limits in prepared foods and make it easier for Americans to lower their salt intake. In the meantime, however, some smart shopping can help.

“One way you can have more control is to shop the perimeter of the supermarket,” said ABC News’ chief health and medical editor Dr. Richard Besser. “That’s where you will find fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and dairy products. When you cook with these ingredients you have control over how much salt you take in.”

Another tip: Read food labels. Table salt is listed as sodium chloride.
“You might be surprised at all the foods that have hidden salt,” Besser said.
Karen Keller contributed to this story.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Equinox Energy

Greetings ....Greetings...Greetings..

To everyone who reads this. My life is getting more amazing each day.  I can feel the surge of energy coming from our Divine Creator to swing us into a change for a better self, and world.  Can you feel it?  I find myself propelled into action of love and compassion.  My mind is filled with thoughts of creating a new way of living for myself and our world.  This coming Equinox, March 20/21 signalling the beginning of Spring brings with it a Divine Surge of  Energetic Light to fill our hearts and mind.  It is time to plant seeds of intention, ideas and visions for our success and goal accomplishments.  

Every farmer knows that Spring is the time to put seeds down knowing that at harvest time there will be more that enough to share and spare.  Let us create an Intention List...begin as early as tomorrow.  Write down all that you want to achieve, your desires, your ideas and dreams.  Then each day put a little attention such as a contemplative meditation on your list as well as action guided by Divine Creator.  Pay attention to your is your Inner Guidance.  This is how our loving God guides us into the actions that bring our harvest.

Remember, there is a time when seeds are under the ground before they sprout. Do not allow worry or fear to halt your faith.  Have a deep abiding faith that all you are co-creating is coming to fruition. 

Now, also do not believe me.  Believe the Inner Guidance that is within you.  If this resonates with you, then this is for you.

Always, Always go within for your True Guidance.  No one knows better than the Divine God Energy that exists within you.  

Send Love to your Heart and feed yourself.  Circulate it through your whole body.  Love is the Energy of the Cosmos, the Energy of Creator and Creation.  Love is not an emotion.  Love is All there IS.  

This new Era is the Era of Divine Love.  

May your days and nights be filled with Divine Love. I Love each and everyone of you.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Minister Louis Farrakhan visits Belize

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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 07 March 2013 00:00
Minister Louis Farrakhan and PM Hon. Dean BarrowMinister Louis Farrakhan and PM Hon. Dean BarrowThe leader of the Nation of Islam, Minister Louis Farrakhan, is visiting the country of Belize for the third time, first in twenty-seven years. News of his visit first surfaced in late November of 2012 when he was scheduled to come to Belize on December 6th. Unfortunately, Minister Farrakhan was forced to cancel the trip due to exhaustion and dehydration after visiting five Caribbean countries. Belizean Muslims and other supporters of the black movement were disappointed by news of the cancelation and hoped for a makeup visit. The date for that makeup visit was announced by Nuri Muhammad late last week and on Monday, March 4th, Minister Louis Farrakhan arrived in Belize.

While in Belize, Minister Farrakhan is scheduled to meet with several different groups of people before he holds a unity rally at the Bird’s Isle at 6 p.m. on Friday, March 8th. In an interview minutes after arriving at the international airport named after our local civil rights champion, Phillip S.W. Goldson, Minister Farrakhan explained that the purpose of his visit is “not just to speak to the Muslims but to the Christians, the Mayans to all of the members of this potentially powerful nation”. He said the problem Belize is facing with urban violence is common among black people in the region and across the world:” I think that the future of Belize has to tie in to Central America as well as to the whole of the Caribbean. The crime rate is going up and you have gang problems here with young people. It's the same throughout the Caribbean and the United States as well as Africa.”

On Monday, Minister Farrakhan met the Prime Minister of Belize and Minister of Foreign Affairs in Belize City. On Tuesday, he met with social activists from several organizations inside the conference room of the University of the West Indies. On Wednesday, he met with students of the University of Belize at the institution’s Central Campus in Belmopan City. During his stay, the Minister is also scheduled to meet with the prison population, local Muslim community and youths from around Belize City. He said, “I think the way forward is the unity of the people of Belize, three hundred thousand, and the unity of the Caribbean, so I hope that I can encourage us to find a stronger path of unity."    From The Guardian Newspaper of Belize

Mar 6, 2013  - Channel 5 New...Belize

Minister Farrakhan preaches education to UB students
While the New Testament was being launched in Creole, there was another positive event in Belmopan. The Leader of the Nation of Islam and devout Muslim, Minister Louis Farrakhan, continued at a steady pace on his visit to Belize. Farrakhan has tailored his message to suit the various interest groups; he met activists and grassroots leaders on Tuesday.  Today, Farrakhan spoke to the students of the University of Belize.  His speech focused on youth and education. He said unemployment affects as many educated people in the U.S. as in Belize.

Louis Farrakhan, Leader, Nation of Islam
“Have you heard the expression, “We’re all in the same boat?” Well you know bad times, bad economic times, puts a lot of people in the same boat. And when you get out of college and you can’t find a job, you are frustrated along with a lot of people out there and you are all in the same boat. Did you know that three hundred thousand people in America that have master’s degrees and doctorate degrees are on food stamps? Now that’s your population—three hundred to three hundred and eighty thousand people in Belize—and imagine that number of people in America existing on food stamps because there is no employment opportunity for their level of skill. So when you come out of here educated, led out, now the greatest possibility of education is this; every one of you under the sound of our voice was given a gift from the creator. He is no respecter of persons. He doesn’t care whether if you are white or black or Asian or Creole or Mestizo or Mayan; every human being he gave us a gift from himself. And when you discover that gift that is what you can do perfectly if you cultivate that gift. So education is not only to lead us out of darkness into light, weakness into strength, or power, but education is to lead that gift out. So that when you know your purpose in life and you cultivate your gift, in cultivation of your gift and offering your gift to make a better society and a better world, you are actually glorifying god.”

Before he departs Belize, Farrakhan will also speak before a captive audience at the Belize Central Prison which is managed by the Kolbe Foundation.

Fix The World Solutions: Quantum Energy from World Improvement Through the Spirit (WITTS)


WITTS (World Improvement Through The Spirit Ministries) is an organization of World-Class Engineers/Scientists/Servants of God and Humanity, learning and working with nature, and actively offering solutions to the energy crisis, and other critical issues of our planet. WITTS is the oldest and perhaps the only ministry of its kind. We have introduced a large percentage of modern technology. We pioneered and introduced everything from motors to lights to computers to CD’s to lasers. Our ministry dates back to the time of Michael Faraday (1791-1867). For nearly two centuries, WITTS has been working as God leads, to encourage spiritual growth of the masses and introduce new technology solutions facilitating massive changes in how we live (world improvement).
Various technologies include:
• Automobiles which run totally on water and air, the only exhaust is oxygen, water, and air.
• Electric energy generators that need no fuel and make no noise with no exhaust output and will power your home or car indefinitely.
• Mechanical energy motors that need no input once started and can be built to run any load.
• Anti-gravity machines that can travel as easily through outer space as through air. These can also be built to travel through water (oceans), and even through solid earth.
• This former mechanism can be built as a device that is pedal operated (like a bicycle) and is able to fly through the air with no motor, wings, or propellers.
• Propulsion and transportation.
• Sky Well technology extracting thousands or millions of gallons of clean water from the air.
• Atmospheric scrubbers to transform carbon dioxide and methane into breathable oxygen and helpful base elements.
• Ocean water desalinization. Transform thousands of gallons an hour into usable fresh water for agriculture, etc.
• Growing centers to make tons and tons of fresh produce. Vegetables with 10 fold increase in protein and enhanced nutrition.
• Transmutation of basic elements, derived from the quantum field.
• Much, Much, More!
What is Quantum Energy? Also known as zero-point energy, quantum energy is the idea that the lowest possible energy of a system, its ground state, can in fact be harnessed by a machine. The concept of zero-point energy, as a phenomena of quantum mechanics, is in fact accepted by physicists and is not considered controversial. The most accessible example of zero-point energy is the vacuum. A vacuum is simply the ground state, point of lowest possible energy, of all the fields in space.
There are two kinds of energy systems, a closed system and an open system. To suppress this free energy technology, you will often hear the argument that quantum energy is “against the laws of physics”. This Law only applies to closed systems, this is not true for open systems. Examples of open systems are heat pumps, solar panels and wind turbines.
The quantum energy projects featured here are proven effective and safe as their quantum mechanics have been developed over many generations by world class physicists/scientists/Engineers/Ministers, many of which have advanced degrees and training.
How Quantum Energy Works Video
Personal Testimonies from Individuals who have seen the Quantum Energy Devices from WITTS Ministries in Action:
“Up to this point in time, I have not seen anything from anyone, anywhere, that has produced useful amounts of energy in excess of the energy put into the devices. AND I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR SUCH, IN EXCESS OF TEN YEARS!” – JT, Electrical Engineer
“I have personally witnessed 20 MEGAWATTS of electrical energy being produced from the quantum. ZERO FUEL! ZERO POLLUTION! And the device producing the power was no bigger then a chest of drawers! WITTS Ministries has more technology in a shoebox in their closet, then the whole S&P 500 does, put together!” -Electrical Engineer PhD, and assistant director of research for IBM
“I have seen and tested Mr. Thrapp’s machines and am thoroughly convinced that what W.I.T.T.S has accomplished, is real and could change the planet. I place Mr. Thrapp on par with Nicola Tesla and John Keely. W.I.T.T.S has the solutions!” – WW, Masters in Electrical Engineering from MIT
“Based on what I personally saw, I believe free energy is available and Timothy & his associates have the ability to produce as much as the world needs.” – JM, PhD
“At two other locations I witnessed two separate houses operating on Stage III, zero point energy. The generators operating continuously, with no moving parts. The houses were each consuming at least 5000 watts of energy, each from their respective devices.” – DA, Prototype R&D machinist and manufacturing specialist
“WITTS machines are the most amazing things I have ever had the pleasure of testing. Coefficient of Performance (C.O.P.) of infinity on one electrical generator, lights that light up with no apparent source, heaters with C.O.P. over 500.”- EE with over 32 years experience
“I have visited their labs on many occasions and have always been impressed with their sheer genius in all fields relating to physics! I can also tell you unequivocally that they are the most advanced organization on the planet as far as technology goes!” – EE PhD, adviser to 2 Presidents
We invite you to learn about our organization and the God given breakthrough technologies that we are presenting to the world that can redefine the established (old) paradigm.
Realizing that all life is precious, there’s no time to waste. Radically changing the way we, as a community of fellow human beings, think and do things is crucial. Some might ask if it’s even possible to reverse the centuries of damage we’ve inflicted on our beloved home, Earth. The answer is YES! However, we must join together and start making it happen – ourselves because the government is not going to restore wholeness, neither will corrupt business practices and corporate empires. This will be accomplished by a team of people who care and are working together united. The power of people pulling together can move mountains!
“World Improvement Ministries (WITTS) asks that people help by donating to the fundraiser for the factory, As God leads your heart, before any consultations(discussions, online or phone meetings or conversations). Please click here for more information.” (See first gift/perk after clicking)
WITTS Mission Statement
Save the Human Race.
To preserve the human specie and return Earth to paradise status.
Immediately mobilize every available resource to prevent the extinction of mankind.
Advance new Eco-technologies to immediately halt the destruction of man’s Eco-system.
Implement pollution remediation techniques for complete resolution of the all forms of pollution. (ie: air, water and land)
Introduce new health modalities to improve the quality of life.
Promote awareness that all life is interconnected.
There is no option,
Nor opportunity to hesitate,
Nor insurmountable impediments to achieve positive results.
By each of us “showing up” and expressing our fullest potential, mankind will flourish in a healthy, harmonious, and nurturing environment.
The status quo paradigm will lead to the annihilation of human beings, as well as most of the life on this Earth.
There is absolutely nothing to lose that is not already totally compromised.
There is everything to gain particularly in terms of restoring human dignity and reestablishing mankind’s role as planetary steward and co-creator of beauty.
Limits are Unlimited!
- from Holy Spirit
By hopegirl2012

The Truth about Inventions, Investors and Free Energy Technology For All

At the Fix the World Organization we’ve had many conversations with both inventors of free energy devices and the investors that wish to promote them. Through our own personal experiences we’ve noticed a pattern of perceptions, behavior and circumstances that are perhaps the key reasons why the people on this planet do not have the energy that they need for a higher quality of life. Many people are not aware of what occurs in these negotiations behind closed doors. It’s time to bring this to light.
In REALITY there are three reasons why we don’t have free energy
1)The governments and corporations suppress it, as a result, the general public believes that such devices are not real or cannot possibly exist because we are not yet “advanced enough” to have invented them.
2)Brilliant Inventors of such devices have robbed, threatened, ostracized, or ‘screwed’ by ill-intentioned investors or the governments . Currently, most inventors are in a state of dire financial poverty (by design!) which leaves them powerless to impact any real change.
3)Well intentioned Investors have been robbed or have had other bad experiences with ill-intentioned so called “inventors” and scam artists.
As a result of #2 and #3, Inventors don’t trust investors, and investors don’t trust inventors. This is all due to a simple lack of relationship building, trust, and good communication. This is where FTW comes in with the solutions.
Here are some stories that support the above scenarios.
First of all, YES FREE ENERGY IS REAL. And has been around for hundreds of years. For more examples of this click HEREHEREHERE, and HERE.
The governments and corporations have in fact suppressed this free energy technology in the past. For more examples of this click HEREHEREHERE , and HERE.
As mentioned, we’ve had many conversations with both inventors and investors. Here we would like to present to you some of the highlights from those conversations. We feel that it is important for everyone on both sides to understand what happens in reality when it comes to bringing a free energy technology to the world. FTW recognizes these important issues and has come up with a solution that is a win-win for all.

Stories from the Inventors Perspective:

“ So far, everyone who has contacted us claiming to have lots of money to invest does not actually have the resources represented or are too greed focused to turn loose of any. Our experience has demonstrated talks with these potential capital sources progress little and take significant time and effort to manage.”
“The investor contacted us claiming that they had billions of dollars and they had all the factories ready to mass produce. They then wanted us to give them all of our working prototypes for free with no money up front, claiming they would send us a check later. All we wanted was a reasonable down payment so we could facilitate the request and feed our families for the next couple of weeks.”
“He announced that he was going to start offering his free energy devices at low cost. Soon after that he was attacked in his lab and warned not to produce the devices. For his own safety he had to let go of marketing free energy”
“He used Tesla’s theories to counter gravity, to make objects float, this could revolutionize the field of propulsion, his lab was raided and equipment was taken by police and government officials in 1978, 1979 and again in 2000”

Stories from the Investors Perspective:

“An inventor seeks out an investor, on paper all looks wonderful. $500.000 later, the inventor needs more money because they did not know enough about the “reality” of the costs of the parts needed and/or got the calculations wrong, and in a larger model it does not work.”
“An Investor believes that free energy is the way to go. They then find a company claiming to have successfully created a generator/machine that works. The investor sends the money and the company cannot be found and the money is gone!!”
“ An Investor finds a company that is the real deal. The company though, is demanding money upfront and a huge sum at that. The investor then needs to borrow to get device made, who will lend them the money?? The bank? I do not think so…”
“An investor believes in a device, the inventors company can deliver, but the investor cannot get support from their partners who are skeptical due to the history of free energy”

The Fix the World Organization Solution

FTW realizes that these are the realities that have prevented us from moving forward with the promise of free energy that so many need for a higher quality of life. We’ve decided to address these problems head on and have developed a series of solutions that will make all the difference and bring these technologies to the world. We offer an array of services to help investors organize their projects. This resolves a lot of problems before they occur and allows for the best presentation and smooth transactions with an investor. We also provide a screening process for both investors and inventors to ensure the highest credibility for all involved. In addition, we have a team of unique skilled professionals that can create tested, proven, secure and unique contracts and ethical business transactions unlike any other on the planet. This establishes trust, builds healthy relationships and ensures a “win-win” for all parties involved, and keeps the project safe from any outside disruptions.
Hopefully we’ve helped to clear up any misconceptions about the negotiations that occur with free energy technology projects and why so many of them are not successful. FTW will continue in our mission to bridge the gap to bringing free energy to the World.
How Free Energy Works Video
By hopegirl2012

Fix The World Solutions: Mana O Lana and The Heart of the Matter

Aloha! Featured in our leading FTW Solutions Series is Jeffrey Wium of Wiumworks Media & The Heart of the Matter, and his new project Mana O Lana. Jeffrey’s first contact with FTW was in response to our global call for solutions to modern world problems. So it is a great honor to start this series off with what can only be described as one of the family.
Hula (2)
Bringing the Gift of Hope
Recently, Jeffrey was asked to join a core group of individuals to birth an international retreat and education facility in Hawaii called Mana O Lana (Bringing the Gift of Hope). This community-based project is being established as a self-sustaining retreat and educational center whose focus includes, world wisdom traditions, re-establishment of feminine consciousness principles, holistic land stewardship, bio-diverse agriculture and herbal medicine practices. Once complete, this multi-phase, 2000-acre project will contain land dedicated to educational and retreat facilities, community housing and diversified agricultural as well as conservation and spiritual sanctuaries.
Up until the mid-1800s, Hawaiian communities cared for their land through holistic management systems in which all of their food, clothing, shelter, tools and seafaring needs were sustainably cultivated and maintained for the good of the community. As experienced by most indigenous cultures, when westerners overtook the land, they introduced large-scale monocropping techniques that eliminated self-sustainability and disrupted the lifeways of the native peoples. However, the native Hawaiian culture has remained strong through the dedication of the Kapunas (wisdomkeeper/healers), integrated local culture and the extended geographical isolation of the islands.
In recent decades, several community-based organizations have held conferences and developed sustainability protocols to help restore the islands to a more self-sufficient economy. The Mana O Lana project is perfectly suited to set precedence as the first such comprehensive operational model and education facility based on established, sustainable land management practices.
Project Development
Mana O Lana’s mission in creating an educational retreat and holistic land stewardship center includes bio-integration of all aspects of community living for both residents and visitors alike, mitigating land and water resource impacts while making use of bio-compatible architecture and low-impact operating systems to create and maintain a harmonious lifestyle built on time-tested sustainability principles. Facility development includes:
- Organic produce and food crops; fruit, nut and hardwood timber orchards for income generation and educational opportunities
- An eight-acre botanical garden divided into individuated mandalas to showcase a diversity of cultural and traditional healing systems: Hawaiian, Vedic, Chinese, Mayan, European and Native American plant medicine modalities – to name a few.
- A 200-room center offering visitors, interns and community residents Transcendental Meditation programs, cognitive lifeways training and courses from various world wisdom traditions.
- Special purpose: Mana O Lana will be the permanent home of the TM Mother Divine Organization to fulfill Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s request that this be done in Hawaii, and for the purpose of re-strengthening the feminine consciousness principles as a guiding force for the planetary evolution.
Preserving Tradition / Supporting Evolution
The current owner/seller of the land intended for the Mana O Lana Center has also been approached by a multi-national GMO corporation that is attempting to purchase large tracts of land and overtake the island’s agricultural community with its genetically modified seeds and the institution of patent-based litigation practices to disrupt local food production.
The landowner is not in a rush to sell and is selective whom he sells to. He wants a buyer who is spiritually minded, one that will listen and live with the land in peace as well as be sensitive to local culture instead of trying to push a dominant agenda. Mana O Lana sees this alignment as an auspicious opportunity to realize the creation of a facility that will preserve and promote holistic knowledge, propagate balanced energetic principles, and assist in the overall development of human consciousness while supporting and maintaining the integrity of the local landscape and her diversified inhabitants.
Honoring Indigenous Traditions
Mama& Son
Concurrently, alongside the Mana O Lana project, Jeffrey Wium is in post-production ofWisdomkeepers: Paqo Andino, a feature documentary film chronicling the celestially integrated cosmology of the Andean Willaq-Umakuna lineage. Filmed on location in the Peruvian Andes, this unique film provides unprecedented access to the practical and esoteric lifeways of the Andean Willaq-Umakunas and the holistic consciousness they have been stewarding for humankind for the past 13,000 years. The film is being birthed out of a responsibility to pass along ancient heart wisdom to whoever holds an interest in living consciously. The producers, Wiumworks Media, Beyond Boundaries Institute and their Andean colleagues invite viewers to experience an invitation into a way of living long forgotten by modern cultures.
The Heart of the Matter
Jeffrey Wium, a western born Willaq-Umakuna has been tasked by the lineage to convey humanity’s ancient heart wisdom via programs, retreats, pilgrimages and media offerings.
THE HEART OF THE MATTER  is a series of cognitive spirituality programs rooted in the holistic lifeways and sacred teachings of the Gnostic Saints and Andean Willaq-Umakuna, also known as Altomisayoqs (alto-me-sigh-yokes). These rigorously trained and tested traditions are ancient, unbroken lineages of spiritual intermediaries who maintain direct communication with the celestial, terrestrial and elemental realms in order to support spiritual awareness and productive harmony among people, communities, organizations and the natural environment. These tradition’s worldviews, founded on the inter-dependent union of sacred masculine and sacred feminine energies, recognize that wisdom is not something sought after in the mind, rather, it is found in the intelligence of one’s heart, manifest in the sanctity of daily life, and embodied through the joy of service, personal faith and the grace of Awareness.
These ancient teachings are being brought forward at this specific time to assist individuals, organizations and families to reconnect with their innate, animistic nature, re-establish deeper purpose and meaning, increase overall well-being and ultimately, help evolve spiritual consciousness. The content and practices presented in these programs are not a form of religion, nor a condemnation of modern living. On the contrary, they provide a basis for reweaving unified consciousness and an interdependent life paradigm through conscious relationships with one’s inner and outer worlds. These program offerings are not limited to those seeking to associate themselves with any path per se, they are in actuality, a universally accessible and translatable means of refining consciousness, illuminating the unseen and integrating spiritual comprehension into everyday life including one’s business practices.
1a) Goal / End Result: To provide cognitive, sustainable systems based on collective responsibility and balanced relationship. To re-educate the population to understand there must be an even exchange of energy (in-out) to provide unending life. One receives when one gives. This results in a fluid dynamic ‘horizontal’ paradigm which generates awareness and practical, collective know-how without hierarchical, or vertical (egoic) structures
1b) Contingencies: At first there will need to be a form of re-education and ‘temporary regulation’ to insure a service-to-others paradigm is created as a base format.
Basic step, 1: clear all needs/debts/difficulties and reduce workloads to free up time for passions. 2: form a clearinghouse on local, regional, national, continental and global levels to make tasks available to all. 3: once in the system, and functioning, then one can gain access to prosperity funds. 3b: Alternate options are for those who wish to create educational/functional/commercial operations (create jobs and products, especially re-education systems).
Time and or energy (in any form) must be put forth to have the opportunity to spend one’s funds – pay to play (invest life force to qualify to purchase = re-educate to collective responsibility, away from capitalism/non-impact awareness mindset). Equality income scales and the complete removal of corporate profit structures. Use a type of Kickstarter model to bring investment from the people in the form of time/energy/money (from their own prosperity funds), for a proper income in return and responsibility from partnership/work. Investment opens opportunities to receive form others.
Once the clearinghouse is in place and functioning, provide opportunities for people to expand and be creative, do alchemy to create new systems with test periods and trail investing. Create thresholds for high-function and ‘pass’ those creations that meet critiria.
At the education level, our old, repressive education system needs rebuilding from the ground up to produce unified mindsets from the start. It will take at least 15 years to see its first students fully functioning. There will be die back during this period and evolutionary replacement.
1c) Milestones:
- Set up an international center to co-manage projects with subsets for all aspects of life, from food production to interplanetary integration.
- Erase debts, utility bills, transportation and similar hardships: provide food ‘coupons’ to establish a base line.
- Place funds in personal accounts to prove ownership with future access capacity once investment system is in place. Creates inspiration (must create collective awareness so the people can see how balanced relation ship works)
- Continue to form re-education core group and extended councils.
- Develop curriculum and cultural integration outlines
- Functioning system
- Alternatives/creativity avenues
Then begin to remove monetary system altogether. (5-7 years)
2a) Goal / End Result: Education/Spirituality:
- Re-configure from service-to-self to service-to-others.
- Establish unified principles to replace dualistic paradigms and ideologies of separation and limitation.
- End result: collective-level, high functioning society born of abundance.
2b) Contingencies:
1. Establish core team with concentric, multi-cultural support systems.
2. Establish international HQ with training facilities for developing local teachers (empowerment) and re-training ‘old system’ education personnel. (the big shift from duality to unity)
3. Develop regional operations and train local personnel. Create strong bonds between core HQ and web of operation with access to international (interplanetary) opportunity.
4. Integrate educational/spiritual paradigm material and operation models with high-functioning systems found today (Waldorf, Montessori, TM University, Summerhill, etc).
5. Integrate trained personnel to co-function at school levels, removing and reassigning ‘old’ system personnel as needed to clear blockages.
5b. Establish specific schools based on intent: intensive schools, integrative schools, schools or classes within schools to allow for opt-outs based on differing ideologies. In time, example will invite those to see high-function at work. No force.
6. Expand school locations/conversions as needed.
7. Tend, water, nurture and weed…
2c) Milestones:
- International HQ and curriculum tailored to cultural diversities
- First round of trained and/or re-trained teachers
- Establishment of international operations
- Empowerment of local personnel.
Outcome: students in action, living proof = exemplary invitation. 100th monkey to shift population/perception
3) Alternative Question: I look to high-functioning individuals who have had a practical effect on their ‘students’. Adyashanti, Gungaji, Sadhguru, Marharishi and The Dali Lama come to mind in the spiritual realms. People like Rudolf Steiner, etc. in the education fields. It has been my overall journey to merge ‘east and west’ and develop ways to use western models to address the limitations of industrialized mindsets. The main body of work is to introduce practical methodology into western education to guide it to embody ‘spiritual’ principles of cognition so that unified consciousness, ascension, collective awareness, etc. do not appear foreign or threatening. Overall we must look to those who have lead the way, the Light Bearers, and use our own capacities to instigate the golden age. Individually we can only reach a small audience; collectively we address our planetary needs and then extend out into our role as galactic humans- helping out, outside of our sphere.
Jeffrey Wium is a K’anchaq Allkureq~Willaq-Umakuna in the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition, a retreat facilitator and filmmaker. He lives with his wife and two children in Hawai’i.
The truth of our origin, our very nature, lies in our innate, interdependent Divinity. It does not matter whether Holiness appears dressed in robes, a business suit, uniform or workman’s coveralls. Rather, it is important how sacredness is embodied and brought into this world through one’s daily thoughts and movements.    JEFFREY WIUM
ATC-Colca Cruz
By hopegirl2012

Friday, 1 March 2013


New "Truth Chakra" to Help Humanity Discern Reality of Existence

Contributor: Deborah West

New "Truth Chakra" to Help Humanity Discern Reality of Existence
The Newly Activated DNA in Humanity and the Reality of Alien Life in the Universe 

by Deborah A. West

Houston, TX — This Galactic Alignment of the solar system, which occurs every 25,772 years, on December 21, 2012 will result in an energetic vibration change in the earth’s frequency that activates dormant DNA in humans. This newly activated DNA has been sitting in our system waiting for an activation switch. The physical detection of the enhanced DNA can already be witnessed by medical intuitives who see a new chakra forming outside the human energy field. This new chakra, often referred to as the “eighth chakra,” is the energy portal of unity consciousness that allows humans the ability to experience an expanded consciousness beyond current perceived limitations.

     The seven chakras of the personality/ego body only define us in three dimensional terms, the opening of the new chakra is the portal that connects us to the fourth dimension of the universe, where much of what we thought we knew will be discarded and replaced with a broader more truthful concept of who we are in the universe. In this fourth dimensional vibration, humanity can recognize and discern the truth, and this will ultimately shatter the incorrect beliefs of our origin and help us as we begin to interact openly with the other nations across our universe.

     Contact with civilizations from outside our third dimension began hundreds of thousands of years ago when they seeded planet earth. Many attempts at colonization have failed. The Annunaki, who reside in the fourth dimension attempted to colonize during the times of Lemuria and Atlantis. Pleiadian beings from the fifth dimension and Sirians from the sixth dimension as well as those from Orion and Andromeda and many others have been making contact with people on earth. Their message is of hope for inner peace for our souls as we reach a higher level of knowing and struggle in the fight for our freedom from the current enslavement.

     The shift of 2012 is the fifth cycle of the earth and will result in what Edgar Cayce coined as the emergence of a fifth root race. This theory of evolution to a higher dimension is shared by physicists and scientists throughout history and in our current time. One such theorist, Dr. Robert Pettit, describes the seven major chakras we currently hold energetically as energy vortexes that have a seal in them, explaining their current cone shape. In the process of the activation of the new energy coming thru the earth’s completion of this current cycle, the individual must clear out the old mental and emotional debris stuck in the cone shaped personality based chakras. “The chakra’s structural features were deliberately limited prior to this alignment,” explains Dr. Pettit. “As we enter into this new energy, we have the capability of recreating a new less dense physical body. The new light body is silicon-based, replacing our old carbon-based bodies.” More about the light body activation and the process of ascension that the human body goes thru during this process is available in Robert Pettit’s books Wake up for Ascension and You can Avoid Physical Death.

     The restructuring of our chakras with the activation of the new “truth” chakra which is a blue/green color, allows us to attain a soul/heart connection that stops the fractal patterning of energy formerly controlling our psyche. This old patterning makes us stay stuck in our old beliefs even when presented with new truths. Dr. Jude Currivan, scientist, healer, mystic, and author of the 8th Chakra tells us that we will now reveal a revolutionary new perception of the cosmos, reconciling leading-edge science with Spirit and a new universal model of consciousness.

      “The seven chakras of the human personality are familiar to anyone working with healing or spiritual awareness. But that consciousness is essentially incomplete. It is the universal heart of the eighth chakra that can offer us the missing key to remember who we truly are,” explains Dr. Currivan. “The chakra is visible now in many people and is part of our completion in our human experience,” explains gifted physic and spiritual teacher Naomi Knowles. In her new book The Soul Essence Knowles outlines how the merging of our Trinity of Self with the Trinity of the Spirit completes the human cycle of our existence.

     But who are we really? We are earth souls incarnated in human bodies on a planet that is finally coming of age and entering a stage of spiritual awareness that allows us to participate and interact with the broader galactic universe. This greater community is described in Marshall Vian Summers book Life in the Universe.

     According to Marshall Vian Summers, “As it exists today, the region of space where earth resides is full of life forms and established trade routes. Free and sovereign nations who want to maintain control of their planet must be self-sufficient and operate with integrity and unity. Unification of earth and humanity as the stewards of earth must occur as we emerge into this galactic universe.” The understanding of what is taking place is explained by the Allies of Humanity who are a group of our allies from other civilizations who know what is happening on earth and want to help us.

     According to many sources, the intervention by the alien races currently on our planet is by use of deception and persuasion, enabling them to carry out their plan. In the universe, overtaking planets by military force and aggression is not permitted and can only happen if the existing species thru “free will” allows it to happen. Some of the current intervening races cannot exist on the surface of this planet due to biological hazards and are therefore using interbreeding to populate our earth with an alien-hybrid race, which explains all the human abductions in recent years. The Allies of Humanity along with the Galactic Federation are here helping to guide humanity as we wake up and realize that we are in an ongoing battle to emerge as a free race.

     The time of the “shock and awe” of alien intervention is over. The understanding that we have interacted with other civilizations and have had technology exchange programs with them is an undeniable reality as discussed on Project Camelot and Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project among the thousands of reliable sources. The awareness that there are groups of alien races that are attempting to colonize our planet, take away our vast resources and continue their reign of enslavement thru manipulative greed based organizations like the Bilderberg Group and those who transcribe to a New World Order, as explained by David Icke, needs to be understood as a certainty as we emerge into the greater community of the galactic universe. In order to wake up, we must first realize that we are truly being infiltrated by alien races and accept that we must fight for our freedom.

     Some may ask why can’t the advanced civilizations come and do this for us. To answer this question, Patricia Cori, author, teacher and spiritual guide shares advice from the Sirian Council. “Remember that you are immortal beings and stay out of emotional fear-based control no matter what happens. Stand up for yourselves as a species. Wake up and use your powers of discernment to recognize the truth which you will feel in your soul.” She says they are here like so many other higher civilizations to help us but we have to come of age on our own just as they did. We have to grow up, so to speak, and they are here to guide us with their knowledge, wisdom, and love just as parents do with their children. The opening of our truth chakra, which connects us to the expanded truth of who we are as universal souls, will help them reach more people in more ways and help us all gain contact with the cosmos around us.

     Many of us have not cleared our emotional baggage, allowing the new chakra to activate and it is the most crucial part of this process. Michael Hathaway, author of nine books on spiritual awareness and connection to inner self gives simple advice on how to release old energetic blockages that we no longer need to hold on to. “The purpose of our existence is to connect to our higher self, fulfill our soul contract and evolve as spiritual beings,” he explains. “At this crucial time, we all need to humbly surrender to our own spiritual growth.”


Deborah West writes a regular column for The New Era Times (affiliated with the Edgar Cayce Center in Houston, Texas) called Lost Knowledge where she covers metaphysical topics including new energy, book and film reviews, and spiritual and physical wellness.

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Deborah West writes a regular column for The New Era Times (affiliated with the Edgar Cayce Center in Houston, Texas) called Lost Knowledge where she covers metaphysical topics including new energy, book and film reviews, and spiritual and physical wellness.
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