Sunday, 11 March 2012

Meditate With Open Eyes & Heart

Good morning, it is 4:30 am in Belize!  I went outside at 4 to view the moon and stars.  This is my everyday routine to get up early, go outside and meditate.  I do what I call an open-eye meditation in my garden under the heavens!  The air is so very fresh, it is quiet, it is exquisitely beautiful and I can feel the Presence of Creator vibrating my very energy field.  I am peace, joy, Love!  I do this for as long as I feel.

The purpose of meditation is to bring into our normal consciousness the balance and harmony experienced during meditation.  And by doing so after a period of time we operate from that higher level of consciousness, The Level of the God/Goddess Self.  The level of oneness!   It is the real power of Living!  Co-creating from this level of life, the immaculate concept for every malady we have today.

Another part of this meditation is doing some movement, some stretches and deep knee bends, what you feel to do.  You can trust your feelings, that is why you align your self with Creator.  This is our normal state of being to be in constant communication with our Higher Self.  This is our intuitive guidance.

Do you know that a missile has a guidance system on-board to guide it to its target!  We must trust our intuitive guidance, it was put there by our Creator so we can be guided back home to Creator!

Let us live as the Light shining bright.

Blessings and Prosperity!

Friday, 9 March 2012

These most important points

These most important points are:  Be your own authority - when you hear that voice no other has authority over it.   Follow your inner guidance - Intuition, that is listen, listen, listen, and of course follow.  Seek no one's approval - learn that you are good enough, cause you are a Child of God!   And Want, seek the Presence of God within you always.  

Feeling The Presence Within

Vibrating at Love and Above

Now we will begin.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Creating a World of Harmony

  • The universal law of attraction assures that each of us brings to us whatever we put out (from the article below). The Beings put it this way, God provides to us whatever we believe in. So, we do know, we have no excuses! We can create a world full of LOVE! Now this will be in every aspect of our lives including our business.

  • Why the Body Requires High Frequency (Vibration) Food

    Our bodies, as everything in creation is nothing but energy. The more we infuse the body with higher frequency (vibration) foods, the more the body is nourished and maintains a high celluar frequency that is required for optimum health (mental, physical and spiritual). The article below shares great insight into this. This article was taken from Woodland Wellness.

    Disease cannot exist in high vibration tissue”
    This is the premise upon which the Woodland Wellness approach to healing is based. So what do we mean by “high vibration?” As quantum physics shows, subatomic particles are waveforms in their pure state and manifest as matter only when acted upon or observed.
    Ultimately, everything is energy vibrating at varying frequencies to give the impression of density. Science is now catching on to what sages and seers through the ages have always known – everything is energy and the higher your energy vibrates, the better health and
    happiness you can enjoy.
    We use three basic measures to determine how high a person’s vibration is – cellular frequency, the “Hawkins” scale and the Woodland Wellness personal “Vibometer.”

    Cellular Frequency
    In his book The Essential Beginnings, Dr Gary Young tells how he worked with Washington State University and an electronics instruments company in Seattle to develop an electronic instrument that could measure the electrical frequency of individual cells.He measured the frequency of the cells in the bodies of patients at his medical practice and correlated the measurements with whatever ailments they had. From this he was able to determine that the normal healthy range of the human body is 62-68 Hertz. At this level and above, nobody had any ailments at all. Everyone who had a common cold had a cellular frequency of 58Hz or less; for flu it was 57 Hz or less; candida symptoms began to appear at 55 Hz, for Epstein Barr virus it was 52 Hz. Everyone he measured who had some form of cancer had a cellular frequency of 42 Hz or less. Clearly, high frequency cells correspond with better health and ideally everyone should strive for a frequency of at least 62 Hz.

    Hawkins Scale
    In his book Power vs Force, Dr David A Hawkins, head of the University of Applied Kinesiology in the USA, describes his “map of consciousness,” where people’s level of consciousness, or spiritual awareness can be tracked on scale from 1 to a 1,000. Sometimes called the Hawkins scale or the scale of enlightenment, Hawkins claimed a person could expect to climb about 12 points up the scale in lifetime. While he wasn’t intending it to be used necessarily for healing, it is clear the higher up the scale you are, the more mastery of life you will enjoy, including health and happiness. However, we have found that by balancing their polarity, some people have been able to climb tens or even hundreds of points in a short space of time, even propelling them to similar levels as saints and avatars. Clients have reported increased intuition and psychic capabilities, while healers have reported even stronger connection to the source and greater results in their practice. Once registering over 550 on the Hawkins scale clients can start a program to achieve 12-strand DNA reconnection, as described by Keith Smith, founder of the Polarity Balancing Program used at Woodland Wellness, in his Virtual Light Broadcast

    Your personal Vibometer for total wellness
    Cellular frequency method is a valuable aid to monitoring progress in physical healing, but doesn’t give any indication of mental/emotional healing, which is essential for lasting results. The Hawkins scale is a good guide to a person’s level of consciousness or enlightenment, but still doesn’t provide a picture of total wellness, and leaves itself open to ego-centric comparisons: “I’m more spiritual than you.”Both of the previous methods have their values and can be used in a practical way to monitor progress towards health and personal development goals, but to get a clear picture of total wellness, we would need to track a person’s progress on all levels of being – physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. Of course, everyone will be able to achieve differing levels of health and enlightenment in this lifetime, even if theoretically total health and enlightenment are available to all who seek it. Therefore the indicator is personal. We determine where each individual is on a scale of 1 to 100 currently, where 1 is the lowest possible point in this lifetime and 100 is the highest.This removes the potential for competition and as everyone has set themselves up for different life challenges and potentials, there is no judgement on where a person scores on the indicator – it is just that, an indicator of where you are now that allows you to track progress over time. You could be at a lower starting point then someone else, but that doesn’t indicate a lower level of enlightenment, although it does indicate a higher potential for growth.Our goal is to move clients up the indicator as far as possible using modalities designed for the purpose, and empower them to take responsibility for their own wellness development thereafter. It is an indicator of total wellness because it combines a person’s health, spiritual development and personal goals into a single value. We can then easily determine what steps to take to increase a person’s wellness to their maximum personal potential.

    Why hi-vibe?
    The advantages of a hi-vibe life are immense and moving the needle only a few points on your vibometer can bring enormous benefits. Physical healing is an obvious one. As we said at the beginning – disease cannot exist in high vibration tissue.Mental/emotional healing is another. Finding forgiveness, learning gratitude, healing phobias and addictions are all characteristics of a hi-vibe living. Spiritual growth is also enhanced, with clients experiencing a deeper connection with the source, leading to a greater sense of peace and wellbeing.Healing and psychic abilities are enhanced, including communication with spiritual helpers or guides, recognition of synchronicity opportunities and manifesting. It is possible, therefore to realise benefits on all levels, including the proverbial health, wealth and happiness. Metaphysicians understand that we create our own reality. As everything is connected and human thought creates on the etheric plane things that can be manifested into the physical world, by holding the right intention and with the right attitude we can co-create our ideal life.Having a higher vibration increases the manifesting power on all levels.

    What’s keeping you down?
    The first step to raising your vibration is to remove from your life the things that might be keeping it lower than it could be. Obvious things include dietary choices, such as sugar, artificial sweeteners and coffee. In The Essential Beginnings, Gary Young describes an experiment that shows coffee can instantly reduce cellular frequency by around 10Hz. The “universal test” for applied kinesiology (muscle testing) is saccharine. In an experiment by the University of Applied Kinesiology in Minnesota, USA, people from all walks of life, ethnicities and geographies tested weak with saccharine.Similarly, processed or “dead” foods generally test weak. If it comes in a packet or can, it probably won’t do much for you. Lifestyle choices can have an effect and stress can have a particularly strong effect on your vibration. Extreme stress can trigger Chronic Reversed Polarity or being “switched.” A switched person’s vibration will be severely constrained but, the condition is thankfully fairly straightforward to heal. Entrapped emotions will also hold vibration down, particularly anxiety, depression, phobias and addictions. There are several methods for releasing these and allowing vibration to rise.Exposure to negative energy, such as toxins in food and household items, microwaved foods, and electromagnetic energies, such as those emitted by cellular phones and electrical appliances. Gary Young determined that electrical appliances have a frequency range of around 60Hz, lower than is healthy for humans, and that their alternating currents are detrimental. Clearly it will be difficult to live in the modern world and avoid all of these, but strategies for limiting exposure can be highly beneficial.People who are hard-hearted, that is hold consistent negative thoughts towards others, tend to have a lower vibration, as do those to avoid or resent human contact. Trying to avoid retreating into a solitary, uncaring existence is important to making progress on your vibometer.One of the biggest contributors to a low-vibe body that we have seen is Chronic Reversed Polarity, which is why a significant part of our practice is dedicated to healing it.

    How to keep it up
    What you put in your body and what you expose it to are critical to vibration. Fill your body with hi-vibe nutrition and you will have a hi-vibe body. Eating food as close to its natural state as possible, meaning fresh, preferably organic, and containing abundant “life force,” will help raise vibration. Frozen and dried is OK too, though not quite as good obviously. Maintaining proper pH balance by eating 80% alkaline and 20% acid contributes greatly.Different choices are beneficial for different people so it is important to identify the best dietary requirements for your individual body.It is difficult in the modern world to find food that contains all the nutrient a body needs, so supplements are often needed. Choosing hi-vibe supplements, such as spirulina, the highest vibration foodstuff on the planet, and chlorella will help. Green drinks often include these and a host of other herbs and vitamins to provide complete nutritional balance.Other activities like energy work, including Reiki, and meditation can help raise vibration. Things like reflexology, aromatherapy and massage test strong for most people and can have a very beneficial effect. Getting out into nature regularly, be it the sea, lakes, forests, mountains or just your local park or botanical garden, is an important contributor.Regular moderate exercise, such as walking briskly for 30 minutes five times a week will help keep the lymphatic system moving, aid bowel function and shift stagnating lo-vibe energies from the bodyOne of the most effective methods of maintaining high vibration is attitude. The universal law of attraction assures that each of us brings to us whatever we put out, so positive people will attract more things to be positive about.Caring and sharing for your family, friends, pets and having compassion for everyone is sure-fire vibration raiser. Make time for social activities.Sometimes entrapped emotions, including phobias, addictions and anxiety prevent or hinder a positive mindset, and releasing these with mind/body modalities such as Freeway-cer have had profound effects on people’s emotional well-being as well as their vibration.Polarity balancing, if you have Chronic Reversed Polarity, is essential. See the sections Are You Switched? and Chronic Reversed Polarity in this web site for more on this.

    Making the right choices
    At Woodland Wellness we aim to empower people to create their own health and happiness, recognising that they and only they are responsible for it. By establishing your current vibration and the potential that can be achieved in this lifetime, then identifying which methods would be most effective in raising it and applying them systematically will deliver greater benefits than most of us can imagine. These include powerful physical healing, mental/emotional healing and spiritual growth.

Fountain of Youth

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My first blog


This is my first blog.  I have so many things I would like to talk about.  I did not know what a blog was, I looked it up and  I feel a blogger inside of me.

So, I have a full story to tell about how I became enlighten to the God Self within.  Our guide within called our Intuition, that still small voice that speaks to us.  We all hear that voice, but many times we do not follow it.  And all know when we do follow it everything comes out perfect.  

My journey begins in New York, early seventies, I read a book "The Autobiography of a Yogi", this book made an impression upon me.  So, I began my search for a God that I could relate to, not the God of religion I was brought up on.  

I read many books, began a vegetarian diet and learned how to meditate.  In Los Angeles 1993, I met some light beings, these beloved agents of God, taught a group of us over a period of three years how to feel, and rely on the Presence of God within.  This was/is the most important experience in my life.  

The lessons they taught me has shaped my life experiences ever since.  These most profound teachings that are the most important tool for our creation of "Heaven on Earth Golden Age" now!

These most important points are:  Be your own authority - when you hear that voice no other has authority over it.   Follow your inner guidance - Intuition, that is listen, listen, listen, and of course follow.  Seek no one's approval - learn that you are good enough, cause you are a Child of God!   And Want, seek the Presence of God within you always.  

Practice sensing and feeling God's presence within your heart and mind!  All things that we  do get better with practice.

For more on the teachings of the Beings of the Christ Light go  to,

This was my flower garden in Los Angeles.  I have always had a garden where I lived.

That is all for now!  

Blessings and Prosperity
Angela Carmen