Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My first blog


This is my first blog.  I have so many things I would like to talk about.  I did not know what a blog was, I looked it up and  I feel a blogger inside of me.

So, I have a full story to tell about how I became enlighten to the God Self within.  Our guide within called our Intuition, that still small voice that speaks to us.  We all hear that voice, but many times we do not follow it.  And all know when we do follow it everything comes out perfect.  

My journey begins in New York, early seventies, I read a book "The Autobiography of a Yogi", this book made an impression upon me.  So, I began my search for a God that I could relate to, not the God of religion I was brought up on.  

I read many books, began a vegetarian diet and learned how to meditate.  In Los Angeles 1993, I met some light beings, these beloved agents of God, taught a group of us over a period of three years how to feel, and rely on the Presence of God within.  This was/is the most important experience in my life.  

The lessons they taught me has shaped my life experiences ever since.  These most profound teachings that are the most important tool for our creation of "Heaven on Earth Golden Age" now!

These most important points are:  Be your own authority - when you hear that voice no other has authority over it.   Follow your inner guidance - Intuition, that is listen, listen, listen, and of course follow.  Seek no one's approval - learn that you are good enough, cause you are a Child of God!   And Want, seek the Presence of God within you always.  

Practice sensing and feeling God's presence within your heart and mind!  All things that we  do get better with practice.

For more on the teachings of the Beings of the Christ Light go  to,

This was my flower garden in Los Angeles.  I have always had a garden where I lived.

That is all for now!  

Blessings and Prosperity
Angela Carmen

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