Sunday, 11 March 2012

Meditate With Open Eyes & Heart

Good morning, it is 4:30 am in Belize!  I went outside at 4 to view the moon and stars.  This is my everyday routine to get up early, go outside and meditate.  I do what I call an open-eye meditation in my garden under the heavens!  The air is so very fresh, it is quiet, it is exquisitely beautiful and I can feel the Presence of Creator vibrating my very energy field.  I am peace, joy, Love!  I do this for as long as I feel.

The purpose of meditation is to bring into our normal consciousness the balance and harmony experienced during meditation.  And by doing so after a period of time we operate from that higher level of consciousness, The Level of the God/Goddess Self.  The level of oneness!   It is the real power of Living!  Co-creating from this level of life, the immaculate concept for every malady we have today.

Another part of this meditation is doing some movement, some stretches and deep knee bends, what you feel to do.  You can trust your feelings, that is why you align your self with Creator.  This is our normal state of being to be in constant communication with our Higher Self.  This is our intuitive guidance.

Do you know that a missile has a guidance system on-board to guide it to its target!  We must trust our intuitive guidance, it was put there by our Creator so we can be guided back home to Creator!

Let us live as the Light shining bright.

Blessings and Prosperity!

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