Thursday, 7 March 2013

Minister Louis Farrakhan visits Belize

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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 07 March 2013 00:00
Minister Louis Farrakhan and PM Hon. Dean BarrowMinister Louis Farrakhan and PM Hon. Dean BarrowThe leader of the Nation of Islam, Minister Louis Farrakhan, is visiting the country of Belize for the third time, first in twenty-seven years. News of his visit first surfaced in late November of 2012 when he was scheduled to come to Belize on December 6th. Unfortunately, Minister Farrakhan was forced to cancel the trip due to exhaustion and dehydration after visiting five Caribbean countries. Belizean Muslims and other supporters of the black movement were disappointed by news of the cancelation and hoped for a makeup visit. The date for that makeup visit was announced by Nuri Muhammad late last week and on Monday, March 4th, Minister Louis Farrakhan arrived in Belize.

While in Belize, Minister Farrakhan is scheduled to meet with several different groups of people before he holds a unity rally at the Bird’s Isle at 6 p.m. on Friday, March 8th. In an interview minutes after arriving at the international airport named after our local civil rights champion, Phillip S.W. Goldson, Minister Farrakhan explained that the purpose of his visit is “not just to speak to the Muslims but to the Christians, the Mayans to all of the members of this potentially powerful nation”. He said the problem Belize is facing with urban violence is common among black people in the region and across the world:” I think that the future of Belize has to tie in to Central America as well as to the whole of the Caribbean. The crime rate is going up and you have gang problems here with young people. It's the same throughout the Caribbean and the United States as well as Africa.”

On Monday, Minister Farrakhan met the Prime Minister of Belize and Minister of Foreign Affairs in Belize City. On Tuesday, he met with social activists from several organizations inside the conference room of the University of the West Indies. On Wednesday, he met with students of the University of Belize at the institution’s Central Campus in Belmopan City. During his stay, the Minister is also scheduled to meet with the prison population, local Muslim community and youths from around Belize City. He said, “I think the way forward is the unity of the people of Belize, three hundred thousand, and the unity of the Caribbean, so I hope that I can encourage us to find a stronger path of unity."    From The Guardian Newspaper of Belize

Mar 6, 2013  - Channel 5 New...Belize

Minister Farrakhan preaches education to UB students
While the New Testament was being launched in Creole, there was another positive event in Belmopan. The Leader of the Nation of Islam and devout Muslim, Minister Louis Farrakhan, continued at a steady pace on his visit to Belize. Farrakhan has tailored his message to suit the various interest groups; he met activists and grassroots leaders on Tuesday.  Today, Farrakhan spoke to the students of the University of Belize.  His speech focused on youth and education. He said unemployment affects as many educated people in the U.S. as in Belize.

Louis Farrakhan, Leader, Nation of Islam
“Have you heard the expression, “We’re all in the same boat?” Well you know bad times, bad economic times, puts a lot of people in the same boat. And when you get out of college and you can’t find a job, you are frustrated along with a lot of people out there and you are all in the same boat. Did you know that three hundred thousand people in America that have master’s degrees and doctorate degrees are on food stamps? Now that’s your population—three hundred to three hundred and eighty thousand people in Belize—and imagine that number of people in America existing on food stamps because there is no employment opportunity for their level of skill. So when you come out of here educated, led out, now the greatest possibility of education is this; every one of you under the sound of our voice was given a gift from the creator. He is no respecter of persons. He doesn’t care whether if you are white or black or Asian or Creole or Mestizo or Mayan; every human being he gave us a gift from himself. And when you discover that gift that is what you can do perfectly if you cultivate that gift. So education is not only to lead us out of darkness into light, weakness into strength, or power, but education is to lead that gift out. So that when you know your purpose in life and you cultivate your gift, in cultivation of your gift and offering your gift to make a better society and a better world, you are actually glorifying god.”

Before he departs Belize, Farrakhan will also speak before a captive audience at the Belize Central Prison which is managed by the Kolbe Foundation.

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