Monday, 18 March 2013

Equinox Energy

Greetings ....Greetings...Greetings..

To everyone who reads this. My life is getting more amazing each day.  I can feel the surge of energy coming from our Divine Creator to swing us into a change for a better self, and world.  Can you feel it?  I find myself propelled into action of love and compassion.  My mind is filled with thoughts of creating a new way of living for myself and our world.  This coming Equinox, March 20/21 signalling the beginning of Spring brings with it a Divine Surge of  Energetic Light to fill our hearts and mind.  It is time to plant seeds of intention, ideas and visions for our success and goal accomplishments.  

Every farmer knows that Spring is the time to put seeds down knowing that at harvest time there will be more that enough to share and spare.  Let us create an Intention List...begin as early as tomorrow.  Write down all that you want to achieve, your desires, your ideas and dreams.  Then each day put a little attention such as a contemplative meditation on your list as well as action guided by Divine Creator.  Pay attention to your is your Inner Guidance.  This is how our loving God guides us into the actions that bring our harvest.

Remember, there is a time when seeds are under the ground before they sprout. Do not allow worry or fear to halt your faith.  Have a deep abiding faith that all you are co-creating is coming to fruition. 

Now, also do not believe me.  Believe the Inner Guidance that is within you.  If this resonates with you, then this is for you.

Always, Always go within for your True Guidance.  No one knows better than the Divine God Energy that exists within you.  

Send Love to your Heart and feed yourself.  Circulate it through your whole body.  Love is the Energy of the Cosmos, the Energy of Creator and Creation.  Love is not an emotion.  Love is All there IS.  

This new Era is the Era of Divine Love.  

May your days and nights be filled with Divine Love. I Love each and everyone of you.

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