Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Body Temple!

The Body is a Computer with Love as the Operating System!

Our bodies which includes our minds, emotions and spirit consciousness are uniquely designed computers!  Our minds and emotions are programmable pieces of software!  We actually operate by running scripts all day long in order to get things done!  We call it automatic, autonomic, habits.

Now, I am going to refer to my post regarding eating "Live/Living  Foods"  because we need the proper fuel for our bodies!  The kinds of foods you eat influences how you think and feel at very subtle levels.   And because our bodies are alive we need alive foods to maintain homoeostasis.  We also need to connect with nature, drink plenty of water and exercise.  We also need to get some sun during the day, early morning before it gets too hot!  Rest is also are part of maintaining balance!  So get adequate rest every night!

Whenever we give our bodies the excellent foods and attention it requires it learns this new program and is very willing with joy to keep running this script.  This is a way it becomes easy and effortless to achieve and maintain your ideal body size, weight and dimension!  The body/mind/emotion system also processes this information as "Love".  You have just expressed Divine Love to you -- yourself.

It is not about "die yet ing" it is about learning how to eat right to assist your body to keep you alive at the highest level of health!  Our bodies already knows how to heal itself!  It has a pre-program for this!

You see at our very atomic core we are pure energy!  Divine Creator's pure energy transforms to matter. Quantum physics has proved this!  Therefore receiving food fuel in its pure and natural form will allow you to generate the most powerful energy.  We call food energy "calories".

We do not need to count calories, we need to allow the interplay of our Spirit Consciousness to guide us into the proper choices!  Our body computer is connected to Divine Creator and at some point we all must choose to allow the higher level of Spirit Consciousness to Operate the system!  It is the only way to true and lasting success!

Now, remember everything is a process, give yourself time to go through the transformation!  Now is the time!  Get started today by adding some "Live Raw Foods to your eating habits!  Only you can change the script program you tell yourself everyday!

 Below is an image of the energy of the cacao bean, this is where we get chocolate from!  This was done with Kirlian photography!   The more you cook the food the weaker this energy gets!

Have fun!

In Light and Love
Angela Carmen

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