Saturday, 26 May 2012

How Our Thoughts Affect Others!

This morning, I got on my bus to go to the farmers market, but there was a tremendous traffic jam!  It took me two (2) hours to get to the market, this is usually a 20 minute trip!    Why?  Because someone or some persons decided to do a cancer awareness walk on the Northern Highway!  There were hundreds of people walking on the highway!  This highway is the only road to get to Belize City!  It is our most travelled and important transportation route!

The massive traffic jam was horrendous, fumes from the congestion was everywhere!  The people who were walking for cancer awareness were breathing in the carbon monoxide from the traffic!  How do you like that,  they think that they were doing something healthy and low and behold they were breathing in more carbon monoxide than any other day because of the massive traffic congestion!  I have lived in Belize for 11 years and have never seen such a traffic jam!   Last year they did not have the amount of people they had this year, because last year we had no such traffic jam!

Now, the people who had to get to work were extremely late!  They were calling their bosses!  The buses were completely thrown of their schedules!  It made a late start for everyone who were not involved with this walk!   If there was an emergency, the police, ambulance, or fire department would not have been able to get through!

The thoughts we think are not private, they reach out and affect others! This cancer walk was poorly planned and did not take into consideration anyone else except for the participants!  There was no personal response ability taken by the planners of this event!  One man on the bus, was a security guard who had to relieve another, he was concerned because he was not going to get paid for the time he missed and now he was affecting the one who he was to relieve also!  Who is going to pay him for the time he missed?  It is important to him, he needs every cent!  And what about the man waiting to be relieved?  He had an important appointment!

How about that? The poorly planned cancer awareness walk, affected others who were not even in the immediate traffic jam!

Now, why am I so interested, because whatever we focus upon grows!  The more we focus upon cancer, the more cancer we will get!  I know as a gardener/farmer, when I want something to grow, I will spend time and focus on that plant until I get the desired results!  It always works!

The way to prevent/halt cancer is not by walking one day a year!  It is by changing one's lifestyle to include eating more green leafy vegetables and raw foods, do away with meat eating and processed food eating, and I know Belizeans love their meat to death!  Exercise is also a crucial part of health and fitness!  I will never stop saying it!  Another ----- Love,  you must love yourself and demonstrate it to yourself by caring for yourself!

Here is an article about the cancer halting ingredient in raw celery!

Please let us not repeat this next year!  For all the cancer awareness planners, please find a more suitable venue than walking on our most travelled and important transportation route!  

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