Sunday, 20 May 2012

Read this article and find out more about what is put into your meat!

For me, I must eat natural unprocessed foods, meaning I buy farm fresh fruits and vegetables here in Belize.  I also grow some myself!  I go to a supermarket to buy toilet paper and baking soda,  I do not get food from a supermarket!  Well really many people here in Belize and in America eat what I call "Rubbish".  They call it food, I do not!  Many people do not care about quality they seem to think "they are going die anyway".  However how you feel IS important, cause if you get sick and cannot work and cannot do things for yourself, life will be even harder!  And it will be hard on the people who have to care for you as well, think about it!  And if you have children, you want to be healthy and strong so you can be alive as long as you can for them!

Pay the farmer now and not the doctor later!  The doctor cost more and it is by design, he will never heal you cause he wants your repeat business!

Support your local farmer!

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