Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Feeling Divine Creator's Presence

Feeling the Essence of Divinity!

This Presence is always available to us, if we just put our attention on it.  Our feelings are the pathway to knowing ourselves.  Paying close attention to how we feel about everything is extremely important.   The way we act gives us a clue as to how we align with the Divine Self that we are.  Each one of us has had the experience of being loved and we also have had the experience of being hated.  Each feeling of love that we choose to display brings us closer to being our Divine Selves!  In each situation that we face it is simply choosing to be loving!

Being able to choose to act loving instead of any other e motion, will bring You closer to being the Presence of Divinity on our sweet Earth!  

This monumental Shift of the Ages that we are going through is about us as a society shifting from being non-loving to a loving society.  Society can only change when each individual chooses to change!  The more people choosing to act from Love instead of from any other point the quicker we can Shift our Consciousness to Love!  We have all heard "God is Love"! So the more loving we are in action, then the more God Presence we are being!   


We are made out of Love!  Love is an energetic, electric, magnetic, cosmic, solar, actually no words can really describe accurately this enigmatic Energy that Creates the Universe as well as us!   We are DIVINE ENERGY!  


Bob Marley said "Almighty God is a Living Man!  What do you think he means by that?

Does he mean that we are indeed The Essences of our Divine Creator?  Yes that is exactly what he means, We are Divine Energy --- Children of our Divine Creator!

Now is the time to act as our Father in Heaven!  Do not wait!  Let us do it now!  No dying to go to Heaven!  We must be who we really are Divine Children of a Divine Creator and now we must choose to act as such!

This is the plan of our Universal Creator .... the children brings Heaven to Earth!  


Bob Marley also said "If you know what life is worth you would look for yours on Earth" .   

He means just what I said above, We the Children must choose to become loving and bring Earth to a Heavenly Status!

Money will go away, but LOVE ALWAYS IS FOREVER AND EVER!

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