Sunday, 1 July 2012


Trust in Creator! Trust in Self! Trust in Divine Wisdom! Trust the Universe!

At 4 am this morning I saw Jupiter and Venus, being the brightest Objects in the sky!  I have been observing Jupiter and Venus every morning this week! What a de light ful meditation!  

It has been about one week and a half since my DVD has been on Amazon for sale!  Now I have come to another level or grade to graduate to--- Sales of my DVD!  I am thankful to each and everyone who buys or rents it!  I know that you will find value and have fun when you do these exercises with me!

It is time for me to demonstrate my deep Trust in the Divine Self!  I am on this journey as you are!  I write my Blog to share my experiences, hoping that as it helps me it helps someone else along their journey of life!

At each juncture of our lives that are important, we get to demonstrate the Spiritual ability that we have learned!  

There is only one truth and that is... I can allow the Presence of God that is my True and Higher Self to be in control of my life situations or choose not to!

It is and always will be my choice to go deeper into resonance with the Divine Self within!  I am so very thankful and grateful for my simple life style that allows me less distractions and a closer union with God!

I choose TRUST, anything else is separation of my own mind from reality.

The reality is that ... To Simply allow God to be here within me instead of fear, doubt or anger!

I Am Trust, Trust, Trust
Angela Carmen

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