Friday, 6 July 2012


We always must choose!  We receive according to our openness and acceptance.  Trust yourself! Trust God!

Do not fear anything.  Be not afraid.  Trust God! Trust God! Trust God!  Choose to Trust God!  Choose to allow God! Choose to Trust God!  Be open and receptive!  Be expecting!  Choose to Trust, Allow and Love God!  

Honour yourself.  Be without fear!  Trust God Force!

Be willing to make your own choices.  Be not dependent on others.  Make choices without the need of others. 

Be vigilant with your thinking.  Be clear about what comes out of your mouth.  Honour Self - Trust Self - Trust Intuition --- Choose to Trust God within!  

Aware, Accept, Trust, Act!

Be aware of thoughts and choices.  Turn Attention to God, turn to what you want!  Practice! Practice! Practice!   All is Choice!

Choose  To:   Do Your Work, Do your work, Do your work! 

Allow God Force to be fully Present in your Awareness.  Choose to put your Attention on God!    Choice is the First Law of Creation!  

God Force makes Itself known in our Awareness!  God Force is not an entity.  God Force is unexpressed Creation!  

Choose Love -  God!  God is Love.  Love is the most powerful Force in the Universe.  

Respect Self. Listen to Self.  Respect God Force Within!  All Your Answers are Within You!

God Force in its purest Form is Unexpressed.  Before Creation there is Simply Unexpressed Creation!

The First Impulse of Creation is ---- The Christ!  Everything else comes from this --- The Christ which is Divine Love, Pure Divine Love vibration.  God Force is the Source of all Creation.

God Force Creates Itself with Itself!  God Force is Father and Mother. God Force is Everything!  Pure Divine Love --The Christ is the Highest form of God Force.  God Force has given birth to Itself as The Christ - Pure Divine Energetic Love. 

The Christ is a Title also.  The Highest Expression of God Force!  Beloved Brother Joshua/ Jesus achieved this Highest Honour in his lifetime, He became The Christ!  He became Jesus The Christ!  He is our Beloved Way Shower, He shows us the Way! God is Love!  Love is the Way!  We are the Way!  

Praise God!  Choose God! Choose Understanding!   Choice is the First Law of Creation! Choose to Trust and Allow God!  

More than anything else Choose God!  Make a choice moment by moment to choose God over anything else!

The miracle of Jesus on the cross was not the Crucifixion nor the Resurrection but in Jesus' Choice to Allow the Fullness of God to BE him!

Choose to listen to God.  Choose God!  Pay Attention to your Intention.  Intention is 100% .   The First Law of Creation ----:  Choice and Clear Intent!

Choose Love over fear, Love over hate, Love over anger, Love over discord.

I Am Another Yourself!  
Angela Carmen - Galactic Citizen, Planet Earth, Milk Way Galaxy.

This is from my notes from the Teachings of The Beings of the Christ Light!

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