Monday, 4 June 2012


Practising Feeling The Presence of God

Beloved I Am Presence Bright
Flood me with Light
Shield me with Might
Beloved I Am Presence Bright
Lead A Right
Me and You Day and Night
Beloved I Am Presence Bright

I Am .......
  A shimmering gleam of Light
  A dancing droplet of rain
  A swirling pool of water
  A deep blue flower
I Am...
In The Still of the Early Morning......
   Raindrops fall petter, patter on the stone walk way
   Birds sing their daily lullaby 
   The trees dance as
   The wind whispers through them
   In The Still of the Early Morning!

The Holy Presence of Divine Creator is felt so everlasting in Nature!  
Take time to commune with Nature..... 
   A stroll in the early morning or evening
   Deep breaths in the garden
   See the birds..... they sing their daily prayer in the rain or sunshine!
Let our hearts be purified by the Rain that falls upon us!
Let our countenance shine the sunlight!
I Am a Divine, Powerful Being of Light, that's manifesting Day and Night!

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