Saturday, 16 June 2012

Practice The Presence

Moving from feeling that "God is blessing your life" to actually operating as God's Presence on Earth!

For those on the Spiritual Path, feeling the blessings of God is a very frequent experience. Feeling worthy to be blessed by God, yes that's it.  We feel good because we "have done all the righteous things".  We are the "Chosen".  But these ideas are not the real truth.  

The truth is that each and every one of us is vibrating with the Spiritual Essence, Spiritual Consciousness, Spiritual/Cosmic Energy, we are made with that which is God! There is no quantifying this Energy, Consciousness. No one religion, no one book, no one culture, no one galaxy, no one stream of thought can contain that vastness that is our Divine Creator!  Creator exists within you as Cosmic, Spiritual Energy Consciousness!   

Begin to accept this truth within you: Feel the Presence of God as your Life itself, not just feel this is a blessing from God!  Having those feelings that it is a blessing only, will lead you to feel that it may go away as quickly as it came! 
Begin to accept the Presence of God as You!  Meditate upon this!  Chant this!  

Say with intense feeling of love and devotion" I Am Creator's Divine energy vibrating here!  Feel the power of cosmic energy come within you and wash over you!  

Say: The Presence of God is Me!

Stop being in Awe of the Divinity that is within you and accept it as your own, natural part of you!   Like with all things, we must practice, practice, practice!

Practice being more compassionate, more joyful, more tolerant, more peaceful, more loving in all experiences that you choose to have!  Now is the time to begin!  

Let us Begin to actually operate as God's Presence on Earth!

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