Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Welcome Star Family!

I see our Star Family Cloud Ship in this picture!

As a child in Orange Walk Town, Belize, Central America, I found myself speaking/seeing what we called "Ghost"!  People who we say are dead, but they simply left their bodies. Well that is what I found to be true from this early age!  In Orange Walk Town my mother was head nurse at the hospital.  She was given a house on the property, so that is where we lived on the hospital grounds.  I became friends with many elderly people who were at the hospital.  Inevitably, whenever they died, I would see and speak to them.  

Now, I would say to my mom, I saw Mr. Jones this afternoon under the mango tree, and she would explain to me that he passed away and was in the morgue.  She explained to me that people are not actually dead, they left their bodies.  This happen so many times, that it was no big deal to me. I learned that when we say we are dead, we are not.  We simply do not exist in this dimension any more.

I do believe that when we "die" we go to the heavens/stars ,  that is where we come from!

As a child, I felt that I came from the stars.  I have always felt that I am an inter-galactic being!   And I have had these feelings and inklings since I was born here in Belize.  I was born in 1954 and I certainly did not get these ideas from TV, cause we did not have any TV's in Belize. 

Welcome Star Family!


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    1. Thank you, reflecting and resonating! It is our time to bring in the higher consciousness!