Wednesday, 31 October 2012

My Transportation

This is my transportation in the Village of Ladyville, Belize Central America.  I have reduced my carbon footprint on our Beloved Planet Earth.  I ride my bike in the village where I live and I take the bus to Belize City.  Ladyville Village is 8 miles from the City of Belize.  

My Transportation
 Riding is also another way of getting exercise!

One Corner of My Garden 

I love gardening, this is another way of getting some exercise.

The street on which I live in Ladyville. This bougainvillea is in the backyard, hanging over the fence.  I planted it about 8 years ago from a 1 gallon container.  This bougainvillea is called "magic" because it has both white and purple blossoms on the same plant.  

Sending Love and Light to all through the things I do on a daily basis!

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