Monday, 5 November 2012

Fix the World Project

As a little girl, I often said "I Am on a Mission from God", to my family and friends.  At the time I did not know the scope of the mission.  And then I met the Beloved Beings of the Christ Light in Los Angeles in 1993.  They woke me up  and prepared me for my mission, which is to Be Divine Love that works in the capacity that I choose.  So one of my friends from the Beings of the Christ Light group sent me the link to HopeGirl's Blog and...I then I read of the Fix the World Project, which moved me to get involved.  So I did! 

I volunteered on this most Divine is truly an incredible document. On page one of the document Belize is not mentioned as one of the countries here because I was in Brooklyn when I first submitted my ideas on how to Fix the World and IP addresses were used to locate where the people are located who sent the documents. Then HopeGirl asked for volunteers to help edit the documents coming with ideas on how to Fix The World.  We are called the Bridge bridge from this world to the New Golden Age Earth. I volunteered and wow!  what a most electrifying and grand and honourable duty it was.  If you feel moved ...please read and get ready to do something about it,!

A must read for those who want ideas on how WE CAN BE the CHANGE WE WANT!

Sending Light and Healing Energy to all on our Beloved Planet Earth!  

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