Saturday, 20 October 2012

Apple Cider Vinegar

I started using apple cider vinegar again, I used it years ago but had not been using it recently. I have been experiencing mild discomfort whenever I drink the water since I came back from the USA.  My body has gotten used to drinking Kangen Alkaline Water,  I do not have access to Kangen Water...I do not have my unit as yet.  And then I heard the voice of Divine Creator within me say to me "use the apple cider vinegar".  Well I did and I feel better.  So I looked for more information and found this wonderful site ... see link below.  Enjoy!

This is my front yard .... garden in the sun...fresh air!

What a beautiful life we can cultivate!

I am reminding everyone that I write from my experience ... if you find value in what I am saying great ... if you do not just move on.  Always go within to the Voice of God within You for your ultimate guidance.  Be your own authority ....the Voice of God within you is your true Guide.  


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