Thursday, 11 October 2012

Love is in the Air

I have just returned to Belize from an incredible trip in the United States!  First ...My son's wedding in what a grand affair that was!  

Ramal and April ...September 16, 2012

They were married in beautiful Chicago

Talk about love being in the air ... the loving couple went to Jamaica for their honeymoon.  Next, I went to Baltimore to visit with the loving couple my son Ramal and his wife April!  Another burst of loving energy for me.  Ramal and I went to the Baltimore National Aquarium (his wife April went to school... she is in graduate school).

Baltimore National Aquarium ...Coral Reef

Baltimore Harbor
My son Ramal and his wife April lives in beautiful Baltimore.  I had an exciting time.
Now below is a link to some more echoes of love in the air.  Enjoy reading and thank you!  Spread love like jam and jelly!

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