Wednesday, 24 October 2012


1 Beet chopped
1 carrot ... organic chopped
2 inch piece of organic ginger diced
1 lime organic ... juiced
Dash of Cayenne (optional)
Water preferably Kangen Alkaline Water 

Blend in blender or juice in a juicer like .. Magic bullet or Vita Mix so that you can have all of the fibre. If you use a blender and do not want the fibre, you may strain and enjoy.  I use the blender because my juicer extracts the fibre and I prefer to have the fibre also.  Absolutely Delicious!
Organic produce is better because there are no harmful pesticides.  Good for the blood...even looks like blood!  

Recipe by Angela Carmen

Here are 15 great reasons to eat beets!
1. Beets have ZERO trans fat and ZERO saturated fat. They are also low calorie! How's that for a food to satisfy your hunger and have the ability to satisfy a sweet tooth at the same time? You've got to love a food that meets a sugar craving and doesn't harm your body!
2. Canned beets are very inexpensive! Buy them sliced or whole and buying the store brand they will cost about 60 cents or less! Just put a few cans in the refrigerator and next time you are looking for a snack food they will be super cold and ready to eat, no dirty pots, no cooking. Just drain and enjoy with a fork!
3. Beets are high in carbohydrates which means they are a great instant energy source, but unlike processed foods which are high in carbohydrates, beets will energize your body. Beets can be regarded as body fuel.
4. Beets contain sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron and phosperous! They are also considered a fiber food and contain vitamins A and C as well as niacin! You can't beat that!
5. Beets contain folic acid which is necessary for the production and maintenance of new cells. This is especially important for pregnant woman or anyone undergoing physical healing. Many people take folic acid in the form of herbal supplements, but if you eat beets, you won't need to! It is always better for the body to receive it's nutrients and vitamins through food over a supplement because it is like mainlining the natural source into your bloodstream. The benefits are far superior and faster with real food over powder mixes or pills.
6. Studies have shown that beets guard against cancer, especially colon cancer.
7. Medical studies have also shown that including beets in your diet helps protect a body against heart disease.
8. Beets are available all year round! So they are not difficult to find in any produce section if you want them fresh!
9. Beets can be eaten raw or you can boil, steam roast or sautee them. Additionally raw beets can be juiced in a Jay the Juiceman type juicer very easily! But be warned, beet juice is EXTREMELY strong and powerful! If you want to get naturally drunk without alcohol, take a glass of beet juice and see what happens. It is startling! If you want the benefits of beet juice but candle handle drinking it straight up, then mix it with some carrot or apple juice for a milder but still beneficial juice.
10. Borscht, a very popular vegetable soup made of beets is a traditionally loved dish in Poland, Russia, Germany and other Eastern European menus. There are cold and hot Borscht soups and each country varies some of the ingredients, but beets are the one common and main ingredient of this revered and hearty soup.
11. Even the leaves of raw beets have been eaten and useful and beneficial to one's health. The leaves have been known to counter "garlic" breath and in Roman times Hippocrates advocated the use of beet leaves as binding for healing wounds. 12. Beets being naturally colorful and bright red make an excellent and healthful garnish for artistic presentation of a meal. They also can be made into a number of cold salads for a change of pace meal. Betacyanin is the pigment that gives beets their red color, this pigment is what is responsible for helping to fight cancer. 13. Beets have been shown to help cleanse the blood, cleanse the colon and strengthen the gall bladder and liver. 14. There is something called Beet Therapy. Doctors have used it to get rid of tumors and to help people with blood diseases and leukemia. 15. Some people have used beats to treat and cure boils, abscesses and even acne.
So, after knowing all this, isn't it time to introduce beets into your diet? What have you got to lose? In fact they will even help you lose weight! So, go on and enjoy a couple of beets and spread the word!
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I prefer fresh organic beets!
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