Wednesday, 25 April 2012


We are constantly in the position to choose:
Fear or Love
Hate or Love
Anger or Love
Discord or Love
We always must choose.  Choose to trust God, choose Love.
Choose to allow God
Choose to Trust God
Be expecting!  Choose to trust, allow and love God!
Honour yourself, be without fear.  Choose to trust God!
We must be willing to make our own choices, do not be dependent on others.  Make your choices without the need for others, choosing to hear the voice of God within!  Intuit-ion!  Intuit by you and then action!

Be vigilant with your thinking.  Be clear about what comes out of your mouth, be aware of thoughts and choices!  Honour your self, trust self, trust intuition.

Practice! Practice! Practice!  All is choice!

Choose to allow God Force to be fully present in your awareness.  Choose to put your attention on God! Choice is the First Law of Creation.

God Force makes itself known in our awareness, God Force is not an entity.  God Force is unexpressed.  God Force is Love.  Love is pure unexpressed frequency.  Love is the most powerful force in the Universe!

We are given the choice to express this God Force Love or the opposite frequency -- fear.  We must learn to choose Love continually!

Practice! Practice! Practice!  All is choice!

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  1. If this resonates with you it is for you! Thank you!