Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Body Vehicle

The body is vehicle for very advance energy from our Creator.  So far, we have been using that energy to pro-create and  live our lives at the current level we are now.  We are in the midst of a shift in our awareness, a shift in what we choose to be conscious of.   It is through the use of our body that we facilitate  higher consciousness to produce better experiences in our lives!  We need a body to manifest the yearnings of Spirit! We are Spirit Consciousness having a physical experience! Therefore we do need our bodies!

Exercise is a process with which we bridge communication with body,mind, emotions and Spirit. Exercise moves the energy also called "chi", "Prana" to keep a balance flow of energy within our body vehicle, maintaining that connection.

Exercise is known to facilitate our lymphatic system which helps to clean our internal organs.  Our internal organs are also muscles, therefore it is very good to practice exercising as well as eating healthier!

Remember to do deep breathing during your workouts!  This enhances the cleansing process that is going on!

This is a short clip from my upcoming DVD "Fun in the Sun"

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