Monday, 18 February 2013

World Changing

UPDATE: Please Read!!!!

The HopeGirl Team has been working around the clock to anchor many of the moving parts of the FTW organization for the people. Our website is still under construction and will be nearly complete by the end of this week ( We have been building successful relationships with other planet-changing organizations, and NOW is the time for those of us on the front lines of our global revolution to unify and join forces.
Since the release of the FTW Business plan we have received a lot of enthusiastic support, including the offer of a professional film maker to produce our first documentary as (mostly) a labor of love!
Please read all about it here and spread it around to help us make this happen. We need your support!


  1. Thank you and the HopeGirl/FTW team for this endeavor. Many people need this film now! You are a beacon of light for the world :)

    1. Thank you so very much...Beloved! May many blessings pour upon you.