Thursday, 28 February 2013

SIGN NOW! Step into your Power! Government Employee Evaluation




We’ve been robbed by the banks, we’ve been poisoned (big pharma, chemtrails, flouride, GMO’s), we’ve been brainwashed (main stream media), they’ve taken our homes in foreclosure, killed our children in their wars, put liens on our lives and our liberty, and more of us have been thrown in jail than in any other country in the world. We are slaves to their debt, we are unemployed and we are broke.
We The People give our government their power through our consent. It is the fundamental principle upon which our country was founded found in the Declaration of Independence of 1776. The government are the employees of the people. Are they still qualified to do the job? In this letter, we the people are re-establishing our relationship with our government employees giving them the opportunity to re-state what they already know they are obliged to do under the principles upon which our country was founded, a job WE PAY THEM to do, and we are putting their statement on public record.
HopeGirl and the Fix the World Organization are in touch with many individuals throughout the country that will personally deliver this letter and its attachments to every government on your behalf. This is your chance to have your voice heard. If you did not consent to any of the actions taken by our governments, and you want to step into your power and remember that you are their employer then join us in this effort and sign the petition.
Here is the letter that will be sent to Government Officials on your behalf for their Employee Performance Evaluation:

To: (Target) Governor, County sheriff, local us attorney, local FBI, local garbage picker, etc.
Ref:       1) unanimous Declaration of The thirteen united States of  America, 1776; 
               2) Articles of Confederation, 1781; 
               3) State Constitution               4) Northwest ordinance 1787, 1 statute 51
Presentment for Commitment: 1) syllogism 

                                                               2) THE 1776 PLEDGE
                                                               3) FOURTH OF JULY GiFT
                                                               4) DEBT TRUTHS
                You are now presented with the opportunity to ratify your current position in future government administration.
Please read and understand presentments herein and what will be going on and in the public record, concerning you. You are now formally requested to signify your understanding of your commitments and your employment contract to the People you serve, or should serve.
The Court Public Opinion is now open, in session, before all the American People who are judging the performance of the governments We the One People created beginning 1776. Our court is in session before the whole world.
 The evidence arising to the level of fact that the existing management system operating as government, as executed by individuals, have abandoned all their powers allegedly held by refusing to recognize the Authorities founding all government on, in, of America and where from the true authorities comes, the One People.  The proof of this statement is the notoriously known and exposed as the rampant corruption that has tainted every American in their life liberty and property and denial access to clean uncorrupted courts for all process due and owing for protecting one’s Life, Liberty and Property.
You are formally invited to state your positions so that We the One People have a valid bonified set of facts, testimony, from your own acts or omissions that will allow recognition of your service to Our Governments in the future.  In the event you choose of your own free will to not engage in making your own statement of commitment, then the fact that your payment received for alleged service to the principles and administration of American governmental structures is a falsehood by failure to prevent harm to the beneficiaries of government, The One people.  And you will be recognized as taking money from the One People under false circumstance.
I choose to engage you on a personal level because your acts and omissions affect me, my family, my right to Life, Liberty and protection of Property. And you response will and show me and The People you will stand for a  Clean, not Corrupt America.  Thank you for your prompt response before all  the world.
 I,                             , acting on relation to and for the One People, Americans, as well as myself, incapacity of the Grantor, Baylor, Trustee and Beneficiary to and of all and any government structure within the states United 1776, et seq., now offer the opportunity for you to act in and with integrity. The below statements presented here are the beginning of resolution to what is known to be correctable mistakes causing harm, injury, Beach of the Peace and Dignity  of lawful American government, and trespass upon the one American people.
                                          Pledge and acceptance
               If you,                         , agree that redemption is possible for our shared American dream, and seek to continue to be of honorable service to the authorities of all American government, the People’s consent, then please execute the pledge attached hereto and place in the public record so that your open dialogue with your employer, Me and the People, may recognize your transparency and responsibility.

This letter is based on the principles that founded our country and detailed in the declaration of Independence. For more information about these principles and exposure to the commercial slavery system along with some other useful documents, be sure to read this blog post.
And in complete alignment with this mission, our friends from have given everyone the opportunity to sign the Declaration of Independence. After all, our forefathers left plenty of empty space on that document for all of us to sign and agree to live by the principles therein. SIGN The Re-Declaration of Independence 2012!
“What we are trying to do is take the government away from the multi-national corporations that only care about profit, and put it back into the hands of people that actually care about their towns, homes and family.”

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