Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Blue Moon

Remember the old saying "Once in a Blue Moon".   August 2012 had two full moons, when this happens it is called A Blue Moon.  This occurs not very often. The next blue Moon will be in July of 2015!

August has been a very busy month for me. The last time I sat down to write was the 12th of August.  That is the birthday of my dearly departed brother Edgar,  I am honouring him because every time I look at that date I remember how much we love each other and we must always remember our loved ones, here and there.

August 11th made eight months since my mom ascended.  She and my brother are so loved, I honour the beautiful souls that you are.  So much emotion writing this blog. I know that they are well but how we miss seeing our love ones in the physical.  Radiating love to all of you.  

As I said August has been a very busy month for me.  I have travelled to New York, where I am now is in Brooklyn.  I have been introduced to Kangen Water by Tanya Marble.  This water is different because 1. It is Anti oxidant which means anti aging, 2. It is micro-cluster water meaning it penetrates the cells, 3. It is alkaline.  Dr. Otto Warburg a Nobel Prize winner stated that cancer lives in an acid environment, therefore we want to be alkaline in our cells.   It has a wonderful sweet taste. I felt a difference when I tasted it. For more information you can message me on FB or go to Using Kangen Water® for Greener Living! :: Columbia, MD • 301-257-2187 • Tanya Marble

Last night was the second full moon in August 31, the Blue Moon!  The Blue Moon sends us Divine Energy so we can get ready for the ending of this most auspicious year.  

Today is September 1st and for me September is also a very busy month!  This is the month of my mother's birth and my son's wedding.  


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