Sunday, 12 August 2012

My Hurricane Experience

Through it all. I always felt the presence of God protecting me! 

Category 5 Hurricane ... this size of storm covers my whole country!  So you know that the effects were felt all over the country at the time of landfall.

In 1955 I experienced my first hurricane, I was one year and two months young.  I remember standing in the living room of our house with my mother, she was the head nurse and we lived on the hospital grounds.  She said to me that the eye of the storm was passing over us at that time.  I remember the picture of a human eye jumped into my mind.  the eye of the hurricane  indelibly imprinted in my mind.  At that time, I felt along with me a Presence who seem to be watching over me.  I did not feel afraid.  Somehow, the wooden upstairs house we were in was left standing!  We were living in Orange Walk Town about 20 miles south of Corozal Town.  To this day I have an indelible imprint in my mind and heart of that day.

Hurricane Janet: On the 27th of September, 1955, Janet reduced Corozal Town into rubble with sustained winds reached up to 175mph. These devastating winds also produced massive flooding in the northern districts. There were 16 deaths, and 20,000 people left homeless. Though tragic, it also created an opportunity for rebuilding. Henry. C. Fairweather and Philip Goldson spearheaded the creation if a new township, complete with modern electricity, water, and sewage.   From

On the 27th of September, 1955, Hurricane Janet, not content with battering Grenada, turned Corozal Town into rubble. Only about ten houses were left standing. Winds of up to 175 miles an hour also crushed neighboring Chetumal, Mexico. For weeks the road to Belize City was littered with trees, shrubbery, and other debris.  From

 In Corozal town, the eye reached winds of up to 150 knots. There were devastating winds and massive flooding in the northern districts, 16 deaths, and 20,000 people left homeless. 

The next big hurricane experience I had that made a deep impression was Hurricane Hattie another Category 5.  My mother was a nurse and she had to go to the hospital every time there was a hurricane.  I remember feeling so afraid and always prayed for her!  That day the sky was very very dark and ominous.  We went to the Police station because my grandfather was Commissioner of Police in Belize City.  I remember during the storm one of the rooms where people were in the roof collapse and water came pouring in.   They had to come into the room where we were.  The hurricane destroyed most of everything we had.  

Hurricane Hattie landed just south of Belize City with a central pressure of 920mb and sustained winds of 155mph winds with gusts to 200mph.

The eye passed between Belize City and Dangriga. The accompanying storm surge killed more than 400 people and left thousands homeless. Almost half of Belize City was demolished by the storm. It was this hurricane that caused George Price, and his People's United Party (PUP) to relocate the Capital City from Belize City to the safer location of Belmopan.
The barrier islands of Turneffe and Caulker Cayes were totally submerged by the 13 foot storm surge. Hattie then brought her massive surge to the mainland, flattening all buildings near the shore. Stann Creek, a small fishing village on the coast near Belize City, was completely destroyed. Following the hurricane, the village was rebuilt and renamed Hattieville.  From...
My mother went to the United States some months after that.  She was there for seven years after which she secured Green Cards for all five of us!  Mother you are a Divine feminine, I love you!  (She is on the other side now, made her ascension on December 11, 2011).  In April of 1968, I went to the United States and I said no more hurricanes!   I was happy about that.
Well that was then and this is now!  I came back to Belize on September 7, 2001.  And I am no longer afraid of hurricanes or anything!  And also hurricanes have been heading for the US.
What I have learned is to trust God Self.  I have had the teachings of the Beloved Beings of the Christ Light and no doubt they were with me those days as well, they told me they have been with me since my birth.  
I must connect my experiences to spiritual realization.  The purpose of life is to fully connect through awareness and attention to the Holy God Self within and ultimately live from that awareness.  
My purpose with my blogs is to share experiences that might help you come to live your lives deeply within from awareness of yourself as the Divine God Self expressing life.  We are the saviours we are looking for!  We need to practice trusting, allowing and simply Being!  Trust yourself!
Live your lives in peace, in Love, in Light!  

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