Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Birthday Day

Today is my birthday. I am 59 years young today.  I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to spend the day with beautiful beings.  I love gardens.  There were so many children visiting, they were in the children's garden learning how to compost, and plant.

Children at the fountain.

Bananas in the Tropical Garden

These remind me of the banana trees in my yard in Belize.  I just had to visit the Tropical Garden.

Our Creator has created so many beautiful flowers so that we may find ourselves reflected in them. That is the beauty that we really are inside.

Roses in the Rose Garden

I write my blog to share my life experiences.  Plants are close to my heart because I feel the pulse of nature and Creator's love emanating from these beautiful beings.  I believe that God created plants for us to not only have as food and medicine but also for our soul's enjoyment and enlightenment.  

I have been in Brooklyn now for four months, I miss my garden in Belize. So spending the day in this enlightening place was grand for me.  I am thankful to the employees of the garden who work tirelessly to keep it so very magnificently beautiful.

Just look at the trunk of this tree.  You can feel the energy of Divine Light and Pure Love emanating from it. I put my hand on the trunk and closed my eyes and saw swirling light energy in colours of magenta and purple. I felt strength and courage.  All my life I have believe that trees possess great knowledge because they have witnessed many things as the years come and go.  I know if they could talk, they would be able to tell us many things of times past.  They know more about our history than we do.

This is a Bonsai tree.. to me this is absolutely amazing how someone can "train" a tree to stay so small even though it is fully mature.
It is truly amazing how some trees give of themselves.  I think that this is unconditional love of humans.  Trees are fantastic beings, they also give us oxygen so we can live.  How marvellous is that!

Let us learn how to give, not expecting anything in return.  

Until next time.  I love you all.  Thank you for reading my blog.  

Angela Carmen Sanchez  

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