Tuesday, 25 December 2012

O Holy Night...Merry Christmas 2012

O Holy Night...A very merry, happy Christmas Night to everyone.  

December 21, 2012 mark the end of an era.... the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. I have always loved Christmas time...it is our opportunity to celebrate the birth of the Christ Consciousness or the Consciousness of unconditional Love within our selves.  

So many thoughts have been paraded before us about the Maya end time of their Long Count Calendar.  The Maya...my ancestors were recording the precession of the Equinoxes, they were recording the time it took our Solar System to traverse through the twelve constellations 25, 920 years rounded up to 26,000 years.  So we have just come to the end of our travels through the constellation of Pisces and entered the constellation of Aquarius.  What does all  this mean?  I know that we are connected to everything in the Universe/Multiverse...and this particular time has a very potent message for us...Jesus/Yesuha was born during the Age of Pisces...teaching unconditional Love...he said that "greater things we will do"  so what greater things can we do? In this new Age of Aquarius...when we actually come out of the "Maya" (illusion) into our true reality....Love...that which is our real self.  

Well, I believe that we can begin to live a life of unconditional Love....this seems to be difficult for some...however we have done the "hate" thing and what has it got our world into?  So much trouble...people have no peace.  Living from a mindset of deep understanding and love is a choice just as the choice we made  not to be loving and peaceful.  So let us garner the strength and courage to live compassion, understanding, love and peaceful daily.  Let us Shift our mindset and consciousness into the Light of the Heart...and relax our mind control.  Let us become beings of Love, Light, courage, peace, joy, harmony and abundance. Let us find a place inside of our hearts where we understand our family, friends, neighbours and all who we meet.

The Moon outside my door - December 25, 2012

Let us choose to come out from the illusion of separation and choose unity...a consciousness of unity, the unified field of Being to re-create our world of peace, love, and abundance.  Let us create a world where we know that little children and adults will feel safe.  Let us do these "greater things".

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy, Prosperous New New Year.  May Love light your path throughout the year and forever.

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