Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Most Wondrous Month

Greetings everyone...December has become a most wondrous month for me...In December mom made her transition.... December 11, 2011; and now in December of 2012 we are having a huge influx of energy with the 12.12.12  and 12.21.12 Stargate of Energy.  These energies are for the direct re-charge of our human upgrade to beings of Divine Love.  December is also the month that we celebrate the birth of Jesus (no need to quibble about other names for this most beloved teacher, brother and way shower), so this month indeed has enough energy to give us a boost. However we are to also celebrate the birth of the Christ within ourselves.

As I have said in previous posts...I have been tutored by beloved Beings...known as the Beings of the Christ Light.  These beloved Beings taught me to walk with God ....the true Self.  They taught me:  to be my own authority about the voice of God within, to seek no one's approval, to follow my inner guidance (intuition) and to seek God always.  They taught the group of us a different view of the meaning of Christmas, which is to honour and celebrate the Divine God Self within each of us. The link below is to the book Beings of the Christ Light Share
The Meaning of Christmas 

Click the link below to download a free copy of the newly released revised version of the above book.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our E-Books series
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                           "A New Light On Christmas"

    This free downloadable e-book provides additional chapters to the book "The Meaning of Christmas".
    "This is a book that will assist your walk with God and the grand manifestation of Its presence in your life. This is the true calling of this season and all seasons."
                                                                            Beings of the Christ Light

The Beings of the Christ Light always taught us to follow our heart's Be your own if you feel guided, please click on the link and download your free version of the book and have a truly joyous Christmas.

My meeting the beloved Beings of the Christ Light is the most profound experience in my life.  Their teachings has changed me forever ....I have aspired to live these my increased happiness and peace.  I love the beloved Beings of the Christ Light.  And I am sending Love to all.

May you experience the birth of a new, loving you, forever. May you all have a wondrous Christmas and all year long forever.

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