Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Importance of the Giant Sequoia and Redwood Trees

Conscious Healing Giant Sequoia and Redwood Trees

I love, love, love trees.  I am a hugger of trees.  I feel the energetics of the trees.  When I went to see these great trees in Northern so uplifted me, made an unforgettable impression in my soul. These trees are highly conscious and aware beings.  When you are in their presence you will feel the energy. Therefore this article so resonates with me.  I hope you feel the great energy emanate from the words. Click on the link above and enjoy deep waves of refreshed memories.  And let us keep taking care of our trees and all the plant kingdom on our beloved planet.  Let us join in consciousness and meditate on the great trees on our planet.  Let us share love between ourselves and the trees and plant kingdom.  As I write this article, I am drinking a green smoothie. and thanking the parsley, watercress and celery for brining me such healing energy, I feel enlightenment in my blood and soul  I am thankful and grateful for this awareness, thank you Metatron for bringing this back to our heart, mind and soul. Thank you each and everyone who comes to my blog.  May you feel the presence of these mighty beings in your life.  And as always...I say do not believe me, believe the I AM Presence within you.  Namaste.

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